The poison of another night

My crystal’s filled with sips & butts:
Jack Daniel’s nights;
and nicotinic songs are
colliding in tectonic aftermaths
towards the morning afterward.

and there, as ashtrays brimming
with lip-sticked filter-tips
Your lips are crimson cuts
of yawns that begs with ifs & buts
for yet a trip towards
the poison of another night.

Bert Stern

Bert Stern

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June 21, 2015

28 responses to “The poison of another night

  1. You win the best-poetry prize with this bit of perfection:

    “Your lips are crimson cuts
    of yawns that beg”

  2. “the poison of another night”—that is exactly what it looks like these two are tripping towards…..great interpretation here, Bjorn!!

  3. I love the finer details of this piece – the lipstick stained cigarette butts.

  4. Its all good til you wake up..
    and wonder where you are. Ha.
    the echo of butts and buts at the end makes for an interesting

  5. Gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to… something. I like this snapshot (and too feel the urge to brush teeth, hah)

  6. Beautiful, dark, smoldering… It picks up speed toward the end, like the moment before sobriety – before the hangover – and then the moment when that After is forgotten. Great work.

    Brought to my mind the time I woke up after hosting a New Years party to find my basil plant on fire on the porch… The pot melted into the wood, and all but the bitchest of cigarette butts had already burnt to ash.

  7. The slip-slide hit and miss blips (as in short crisp sounds) of rhyme and bleeps of alliteration – pack a gritty, street vibe wallop that – given the content of the piece – is beyond awesome!

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