Meadowlarks where singing

Twigs and saplings grow to trees
and pebbles in my shoe
turn into boulders
The itch you scratch too long
will leave a bloodstain on my sheet.

Slandered words in secrecy
received, repeated,
transported on the copper-lines
dissolving lies to almost truth
words are roller coasters
destructive as the falling timbers
and sudden rockfalls.

It was spring
and meadowlarks were singing
when you left.

Sarolta Ban

Sarolta Ban

Linked to Magpie Tales

26 responses to “Meadowlarks where singing

  1. The itch YOU scratch will leave blood on MY sheets. Interesting how you set the two against each other in this. Word have the power to give life and kill. Shame how unintentional we are with them.

  2. I read the poem before looking at the picture… I felt the emotion conveyed by the images as very authentic and was especially struck by the thought of all those little blood stains on the bed sheet.. what an amazing metaphor for relationships. Ah, the bruises we accrue even as the meadowlark sings.

  3. Sigh! That first verse, it felt so true. Other seem to grow around us, but we just feel the burdens growing, the wounds being opened unwillingly… * Shudders *

  4. words are roller coasters
    destructive as the falling timbers
    and sudden rockfalls.

    Words do leave their marks sharper than swords so they say. Yours have retained those classic tendencies Bjorn! Great!


  5. This reminds how the phone could distort the truth…I like the singing birds after ‘she left’ as a catalyst of real….Nice poem.

  6. The last line: almost shocking in its simple statement of fact. That aspect of the poem, in and of itself, is astonishing and stunning and makes me think, I should have a go at a similar poetic less-is-more master stroke.

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