To hide in purpleness

In this cascading purpleness
your tears are falling flower leaves
your fears are brittle butterflies
you tear your hair as exercise
cause in this crimson rain
it hurts much less
since springtime petals hide
the bruises on your naked skin.

Red Petal 2 by Jean Degottex

Red Petal 2 by Jean Degottex

Susie wants us to write to the wonderful pictures of petals explosion at Toads. Not sure how close I was, but though the pictures was wonderful, I could just think about what hides behind.

June 5, 2015

20 responses to “To hide in purpleness

  1. I think it’s wonderful – an unusually beautiful but no less powerful way of addressing this issue.

  2. It is so awful to think of one hiding abuse behind flower petals, but of course, people hide abuse behind all kinds of beautification. Thanks, Bjorn, for thoughtful poem. k.

  3. Yikes. What hides behind the beauty. That could be said of quite a few, and is quite a scary thought. Abuse is such a heartbreaking and tragic thing in our world.

  4. Very intruiging imagery, I especially liked this line:”your fears are brittle butterflies”, it was an experience to try and weave this image in my head.

  5. Wow! This is very powerful. I think your choice to write in the second person creates a lot of empathy in the reader.

  6. This made me think of how we can sometimes hide our pain behind a surface that we work to make beautiful and impervious–so that it draws the eye instead of our bruises–the rhyme and meter here really enhance this feeling of a revelation, as does the brevity and as Kerry says, the second-person viewpoint of the ‘you.’

  7. victims of all sorts hide behind a facade of one kind or another… Hiding behind a beautiful facade – does that make it hurt less? I guess it helps one to avoid dealing with it…

  8. Awesome rhyme – the stuff of goosebumps. Almost (but not quite) had the effect of lessening the impact of the content … which I thought was really cool, because that what is what savvy spin-doctoring politicos and advertisers do, all the time,

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