Narcissus’ Nemesis

Narcissus’ Nemesis
was his alabaster skin
stretched across a perfect abdomen,
Cause on Instagram
perfection’s not enough,
collecting hearts
and his marble skin can not be pierced
at the main-street budget tattoo-shop.


The picture at Magpie Tales forced me to go back to the myths a little. Wonder if even Narcissus would get followers on Instagram…

May 3, 2015

29 responses to “Narcissus’ Nemesis

  1. Way too many options for creating the perfectly image with today’s technology ~~ tattoos and more. Nice write!

  2. Ah, there are so many Narcissuses (Narcissi?) out there! Neat poem!

  3. With selfies having been the butt (pardon the unintended dreadful pun) of so many jokes it’s hard to understand what’s behind these “I’m-sure-you-can’t get-enough-of-me” photo ops. Though this study popped up on my radar recently (and, frankly, came as no surprise): “In a recent Ohio State University study, men who posted more photos of themselves online scored higher in measures of narcissism and psychopathy.” As in the story of Narcissus (who drowned looking at his own reflection, I believe) – self-absorption never ends well. And, once again, Björn, your satire, lands with a sting of social commentary.

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