Of carnivores and feeble frills

In tears that germinate in ice-cold wine
you sought my mistress in the shadow’s dance
a demon born from absence and decline
of constant confirmations of romance.
When kisses were forgotten for finance
you sought another reason, not in bills
and in my eyes you sought a wicked glance,
affirming that I searched for other thrills.
“I’m not just ornaments and feeble frills”,
and suddenly creations of your mind
were present in our room I felt the chill
of carnivores and beasts — I had been blind.
You’re still my perfume-tiger, blazing source
I’ve found in you: my songs, my wells of force.

Tiger by Franz Marc

Tiger by Franz Marc

Today Kenia gives a formula of a love poem at Toads, and I thought that my 9th installment of my sonnet crown would suffice. Of course a sonnet have rhymes (this time Spenserian rhyme-scheme) and meter, there is for sure an obstacle, and the some imagery and mystery, brevity is maybe less, but a sonnet is not that long either, so I hope it fits the bill.
Previous sonnets: Bluebells, The tear of tears, Before the monsters, When we had built a nest, Let’s mend the bridges, Your icicles, Our highway through the sky and The emptiness of brine.

April 22 2015

27 responses to “Of carnivores and feeble frills

  1. To me this is a wicked tale, there is just something in the rhymes that makes me think of two predators, of two enamoured wolves returning from a hunt on the opposites sides of the forest.

  2. It does! It fits the challenge! I was never able to write a sonne, I have deep respect and admiration for people who can write them. And this is so beautiful! Thanks for participating. :*

  3. desire still remains, but still that sense of distrust. The predatory animals work perfectly for that. Nicely done! And just a grammatical point if you don’t mind: Fourth last line, I believe, should begin with “were” instead of “was”, as it refers back to creations rather than mind.

  4. When it comes to love there is an element of holding back a little to make it sustaining. You’ve done it very well with the sonnet, Bjorn!


  5. “I felt the chill of carnivores and beasts – I had been blind.” Powerful writing, your sonnet series is absolutely breathtaking, Bjorn. I am really enjoying them.

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  7. This is the perfect prompt for a sonnet (I have one brewing) so I came over with great anticipation. I’m with Grapeling on the ‘perfume-tiger’ – I love the solidity of the final couplet.

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