Dignity lost and found

Finally she was alone – resting. I had been watching her graceful dance; the magic of her presence energized the melodies.

Despite fears I had to act.

I grabbed two glasses of Champagne; approached her slowly.

But I tripped: plunged in front of her; my shattered dignity spilled like crystal shards among the dancing feet.


As years have passed, we have made a deal:

“Do you want a glass, my dear”, she whispers in my ear.

We laugh, recalling how my dignity can mend by understanding. I take her hand:

“Later — we should dance at our daughter’s wedding”

Copyright David Stewart

Copyright David Stewart

So my muse went the romantic way today. Sometimes we are concerned with dignity too much. Maybe being human with all our flaws is what build real love (and a laugh probably helps as well).

Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers that produce 100 word fiction every week to the same image. Perfectly conducted by Rochelle Wissoff-Fields we each strive to capture engaging narratives with the limitation of 100 words. Personally I always try to hit the word-count exactly. Last week I tried to read and comment on every story, but I cannot guarantee that I will manage this week.

March 25, 2015

122 responses to “Dignity lost and found

  1. Nice story. Good that he was not judged by his initial clumsiness…and they went on to get to know one another. Perhaps it was a good ‘ice-breaker.’

  2. She was probably sick of the slick guys and your stumbling character was refreshing. My husband had me nailed after he gave me his first Christmas present. It was a shoe polishing kit: two little brushes – one to put the polish on, the other to buff to a shine, a yellow duster and a little tin of black polish, all in a nice little case. I could see he would need a lot of help. 🙂

  3. This sounds like sometime Perry or I would have done on purpose just to get the girl’s attention. Glad it worked for your protagonist.

  4. This might be the best story of yours that I’ve read, Björn. In so few words you manged to capture both the fear of the young man and the love of a beautiful relationship. “shattered dignity spilled like crystal shards among the dancing feet.” Very nice…

  5. Lovely and romantic . . . and oh so, human. Humor is important in any relationship. Empathetic people chuckle at their human foibles and when they witness someone else in an awkward situation they chuckle, as well, because they view the scene from the perceptive of how they’d feel if it was them tripping with the champagne, for example. Narcissists do not “get” humor because they are not capable of relating to what others are going through. I always smile when I see the first signs of humor developing in a little child and think to myself: they’re going to be alright.

  6. A lovely romantic story about a long-lasting and beautiful relationship. The details of him crashing in front of her with the champagne glasses works perfectly – and provides a treasured memory over the years. 🙂

  7. Carpe diem!
    Some slip away and some are caught.Lovely!
    (Bit soppy myself – met my partner at a wedding 30 years ago – the couple who were getting married aren’t together now, but…some of us are luckier!)

  8. Such a happy, romantic story, Bjorn. A shared sense of humour and acceptance of one another’s flaws is a must for a relationship to sustain itself. You illustrate this perfectly.

  9. Love your story! I can relate to the tripping and breaking stuff, happens in my household on a daily basis. Beautifully written and adore the sentiment of the piece 🙂

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