Married to the wind


Why do you whisper songlines to the wind?
What secrets did your share, while he moved
his fingers through your hair?
Was it tears he brought,
or was that a raindrop on your cheek?
Why did you save your kisses for the wind?

The muslin curtains gently moves
a sudden flutter in the morning breeze,
wakes me up, alone!
Emptiness is filled by Zephyr’s breath,
your footsteps lead me to the sea.
Setting sail you’re married to the wind
and I am moored at shore. Alone.

Today we welcome our first guest who will host at dVerse poetics, and the prompt is to write poetry inspired bu the wind.. come join us at 3 PM EST.

39 responses to “Married to the wind

  1. I like this! Why do you whisper songlines to the wind? wow. This is romantic, wistful, wondering….The sea always seems to symbolize life and yet, you are led there and left there. Emptiness. Maybe the person longing for that woman needs to jump in and begin again…whisper their own secrets to the wind.

  2. Indeed it is beautiful..the wind is a delightful topic, but can lead some poets down a sad road…I esp. like the flow of the second stanza….the painting is gorgeous!

  3. exquisitely sad and beautiful all at once. Like the whispering of the wind through lace curtains.

  4. so much sadness in this…she whispering secrets to the wind and he waking alone… and i wonder if she’s happy as well.. the wind’s such an unpredictable fellow… wouldn’t want to have him as a lover…smiles

  5. the wind is easy as there is little attachment…it blows on….like an empty relationship, just filling the hole inside us for the moment…and maybe it is hope as well that the wind will find the one that will fill it permanently…

  6. Feeling that someone saves their kisses for the wind is a very lonely feeling, I think. Perhaps this is what it is like to care for a sailing man!

  7. Damn, brother, a fine, what seems to be, free verse romp. The painting & the music video are a nice touch. I like your line /emptiness is filled by Zephyer’s breath/ Your poetry just keeps improving; makes me think I ought to take a poetry writing class too,

  8. A lot of sadness, but also jealousy or envy in this one… how we can never fully ‘own’ another, how something of their essence escapes us… a good thing, in my book.

  9. The lover who wants all from the beloved, will never have it. We cannot contain the wind. This poem is so luscious in the way it shows the sadness of being alone, while loving another. Enjoyed reading this Bjorn.

  10. Your words carry a sense of loss, heartbreak and loneliness. Somehow the wind seems to be associated with pain more often than joy. I too love the painting and title.

  11. I do not know why, but Frenchman’s Creek comes to mind. And as it is one of my favorite novels, it is a compliment.

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