The soul is all about mushrooms

“Will they be ready with Eclipse in time for the trade-show Mr West”

“We have hired the best of the best and they have poured their soul into the machine, they are too scared to fail, Mr. de Castro”

“Our future totally depends on these young kids; but I wonder what will happen to them afterwards”

“Many will remain mycorrhiza, efficient engineers building new machines; a few will grow to reach the light; a few will leave. But they will all remember mushroom management


“Yes, Mr de Castro: put them in the dark; feed them shit; watch them grow*

The team

This week my inspiration came immediately when seeing the mushrooms and is inspired by the wonderful book “The Soul of a New Machine” by Tracy Kidder which is the real story about engineering development of a new computer. It is a unique insight into engineering culture, and even if it is quite old it still give unique insight into this unique culture.

Friday Fictioners is a great group of bloggers who each week write a story in 100 words to the same picture. Our project manager is Rochelle Wissoff-Fields who make sure that we all go from mycorrhiza to mushrooms without feeding us shit.

March 4, 2015

48 responses to “The soul is all about mushrooms

  1. I wondered when someone would link to that saying Bjorn – I’m surprised I’m so far down the list before it came up. Good one.

  2. Ha, I think I would stay away from ‘mushroom management.’ Wouldn’t like to spend so much time in the dark. Smiles.

  3. Dear Bjorn,

    I work for that company. I’m pretty sure I saw you doing your research here last month. Was that you?

    Great story. Best of the mushroom ones so far, by far.



  4. Great analogy. I must admit, when I read the word “mycorrhiza” I thought maybe you’d dropped something on the keyboard until I Goggled it!
    Well written story.

  5. The Mushroom analogy is very popular in activist circles, as it pertains to voters and politicians! This is a great application, Bjorn. I love that you are reading The Soul of a New Machine. Tracy Kidder finds soul in the strangest places; have you read his House? One of those books won the Pulitzer…

    Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the reminder. Peace, Amy

  6. Great story. I’ve known and worked with many engineers. The last line says it all, and I’m sure many of them would immediately recognize “mushroom management.”

  7. the mushroom effect…ha…
    well i would imagine that the same for all
    the kids designing computers and such
    while binging on their pizza and such…

  8. Excellent post, Bjorn. The larger the corporation the more mushroom management is practiced. I shooting our spores as we speak.

  9. Many engineering & management institutes have mushroomed all over the world!
    I have a different philosophical approach to mushrooms in my story!

  10. Great story for the prompt. Mushroom management gets the job done. I particularly love the last line and enjoyed your philosophical approach.

  11. Your mushroom story is magic, bjorn. It could work, if done right – mushroom management. Creative people generally work best alone and without interference, at least this one does – ‘Team work’ makes me shudder! 🙂

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