Of Butterflies and snowmen

Words are butterflies
torn to pieces
in the winter storm.
Words are shattered glass
barely mended
using superglue.
Words are milk
remaining overnight
and gone sour
Words are snowmen
thawing into brooks
Words are cocked
bombs and hand-grenades.
Words are ink
black with bad intent
Words are swords
Words are dangerous
Promises are words.

Today Karin inspires us to write about promises at Toads. I tend to think in black ways, I hope to read some inspiring poetry that make me change my mind. This poem will also be linked to Poetry United tomorrow.

February 14, 2015

58 responses to “Of Butterflies and snowmen

  1. Words definitely have their dark side, Bjorn. Your imagery is excellent. I especially like the image of words going sour overnight – like milk.

    • (And, ha, interesting – as you mentioned at my blog – that Brian, you, and I all wrote about words. Great minds…..? Smiles.)

  2. Yikes–you run a real gamut here, Bjorn, from butterflies to black intent,and one has a real sense of one betrayed–there’s even a sort of arc to the poem showing a kind of softness to an increasing bitterness. Very well played–thanks for participating. k.

  3. Is promises are words, they are potent sumbitches. Powerful iteration. Words nail us to the world, and time judges harshly what’s left hanging there.

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  5. words are what we make of them…they have the power to give life…and to take it away…i like your allusions to what they are…and the spectrum you create of their uses…

  6. Have read this several times, for the alluring imagery to continue, and leave a footprint on my thoughts.

    Intriguing; thank you.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.


  7. Maybe the wonderful thing about words is that they can be both blankets and swords..the possibilities are endless…and yet they are fragile if we don’t capture them in time…just like butterflies…

  8. This is just excellent, Bjorn–I am totally struck dumb by it–well, not totally, since I want to say all kinds of things about how effectively you have used these images, piling on the short sharp phrases. each a hammer blow on a nail driving to sink that last line flush and home. Just an excellent, excellent piece.

  9. Very reflective and in black…what remind me about responsibilities we must have using words…Hope you will find inspiration for positive words poem…at least just for the balance. 🙂

  10. Yes, words can be swords – double edged. They can pierce in good ways and bad. Love your poem Bjorn. You have some wonderful words here.

  11. Words can certainly change us. I read a quote “Pretty words are not always true, and true words are not always pretty”. Love that. Or Mark Twain for humor ” The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause. Ha ha.

    Words are powerful and can have a much longer harsh affect than a beating, that’s for sure. But I cherish those words that encouraged me, that made me feel loved, that make humanity something special. I am surrounded by words – books, (LOTS of books) and try not to turn on the news too often – as otherwise your poem would ring true…

  12. Nicely done. One of your best- for me. Although, I like to dwell on the power of words as a positive- They say it takes FIVE positives (words) to compensate for ONE negative! So your poem has truth in the world.

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