My love is stronger when it’s lost.

The taste of love is always green,
not tender like the leaves of spring
or strong like wind through summer pines.
but more the bitter bile you feel
in mirrored morning loneliness
when warmth has left, the rush has gone
when breath is cold and ice feels hot.
The smell of love is never red,
but brown as bloodstains on the sheets
that’s left to dry, a sacrifice
— a memory of broken trust
and love is not a shade of grey
and neither it is painted black.
The color of my love is blue
of yearning for forbidden fruit
of knowing what is gone is gone.
my love is stronger when it’s lost.

Gare Montparnasse (The Melancholy of Departure) by Giorgio de Chirico

Gare Montparnasse (The Melancholy of Departure) by Giorgio de Chirico

Is love a tender thing? Kerry asks with a quote of Shakespeare at toads which got me thinking about how love can be so mixed up with other feelings. I must say this got me thinking about how love can grow stronger when we mix it up with loss and nostalgia. I started out writing free verse but after a few lines I realized it came out as tetrameter blank verse. My apologies – it was not my intention to write in form at all.

February 13, 2015

29 responses to “My love is stronger when it’s lost.

  1. i thought of baby spinach as i read your first line; then by the 3rd line i was jolted out of my comfort zone, into a reality of other flavours; one of which is the taste of love lost

    Happy Valentines 2015

    much love…

  2. “The color of my love is blue
    of yearning for forbidden fruit”

    In life, in love.. people often want what they can not have. Lovely lines, it’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. that section with the color of love being brown and not red like blood left to dry…a sacrifice…and also one that can not be washed away….ha…i like that much….

  4. I love this poem from that first long, long sentence unwinding down the lines and each new view of love lost more accurate and emotionally telling than the next. This is a firm favourite for me.

  5. Beautiful medley of feelings. I am reminded of this short poem of Derek Wolcott:
    Break a vase
    And the Love it takes to reassemble the fragments
    Is stronger than that Love
    Which took its symmetry for granted
    When it was Whole

  6. Wonderful write, I love the rhyming way, I don’t know if it was your intention or not, but it reminded me of walking and swaying and staggering at the same time.
    I would also like to add that both the poem and your commentary reminded me of a poem by a Serbian writer. She, among other lines, writes how :”Happiness is pretty only while it is awaited, while it only gives a hint of itself”

  7. You’ve used color and structure here as de Chirico used his surrealist brush, to make us both feel that alienation from common things, and to think what invests them, and us. No need to apologize for the meter/form, Bjorn–they are invisible except as a support to the words, Really liked this one, especially “..when breath is cold and ice feels hot/
    The smell of love is never red,/but brown as bloodstains on the sheets..”

  8. Hey Bjorn–I think you are right that the love one feels for a lost love can definitely be stronger than all that wear in tear in front of you! Thanks. k.

  9. Love the title and close of this poem. The tetrameter metrical foot is interesting and though the piece isn’t rhymed the words are so skillfully chosen, there is a timeless, enduring quality intrinsic throughout.

  10. Really like how the end line recalls the title, and I like how you used the form.

    And kudos for a unique match with the de Chirico painting. I have always associated a heavy sense of aching and loss with that painting.

  11. Beautifully done, Bjorn, and for many true–the lost or forbidden love seems stronger. And then there is me, preferring the long lasting, familiar, day to day …

  12. ah, yes… a love lost is often strengthened through our desire of what could have been… what we wanted it to be. too many stunning phrases to quote. brilliant writing, Björn!

  13. perhaps with rejected love, we morph it into something bigger than it ever really was.. Ha, it is always easier to be the one walking away than the one left behind. THAT I do remember.

  14. This conjures up deep emotions brought about by loss. There are many great lines, but my favorite is, “when breath is cold and ice feels hot”. That one says so much about the depth of loneliness.

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