Only in ellipsis …

I see when censorship
from jacobian bearded gaffers
wielding billhook reason
and Kalashnikov persuasion
can ablate the satire to
a blackout ebony of robed attire
and whispered words of cowardice.
When only in ellipsises
we’re given hints of … and …


Using last weeks words from #lqw seemed very apt. The image is my own idea, and merge the ellipsis mark of self-censorship with the threat of a gunsight.
Linked to lqw wordle
and to Real Toad’s Tuesday platfrom

January 12, 2014

24 responses to “Only in ellipsis …

  1. This is a very thought-provking response to the freedom of speech question. I especially like your cartoon and the explanation in terms of self-censorship. I believe in the power of satire, the freedom of artistic expression but I do not condone lampooning and mockery of creeds and cultures not my own. There is a fine balance of conscience to be maintained.

  2. Hey Bjorn– you know my views here too. One point re poem is that i would so prefer required words were not in italics! I know this is often done for those prompts! But I am concerned that it detracts from the reading experience. Well done. K.

  3. Ps — in terms of substance — I kind of think one has to allow the lampooning and hateful if one is to have freedom– one can descry it and condemn it but I think trying to stop it puts one in the same boat. Where it seems hardest for me to draw the limits is actually in the area of pornography, where enactment is not so clearly speech in my mind, but more on that another time.– k.

  4. Love “Kalashnikov persuasion” – partially because it’s fun to say out loud, but also because it tied it all together in my mind. That was the phrase that made it all make sense for me.

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