Cloud the agony – for dVerse


Oh, ashamed
to cloud the agony.
Revenge his folly
— slap me pardon.

In conviction subdued
— ventured sweetness,
profiting to moderate
his boyhood-lull diverted
into irresistible attraction.
Nameless disposition

Today at dVerse MTB we are playing with blackout poetry (hosted by me, Grab a book-page and remove whatever you don’t feel is needed, and type out the poem.

January 8, 2014

27 responses to “Cloud the agony – for dVerse

  1. Bjorn, thanks so much for visiting me. Computer problems have kept me off the net… I LOVE LOVE LOVE the presentation of your poem, the artistry, your choice of words. My favorite is “slap me pardon,” as though Riddley Walker might have said it! Can’t say enough about the art. You’ve got it, mister. Amy

  2. ha. you made some cool art of your black out…the bright colors contrast the words…sounds like a bit of a disturbed individual….a past that mucked them up and dealing with it now in how they live out their life…

  3. This one is Heathcliff-approved, brother. My fave lines are /his boyhood-lull diverted/into irresistible attraction/. Working with a modern prose, with Larry Brown, it was easier to find cohesive thoughts for mine.

  4. This challenge was a really challenge for me, smiles ~ I like the artistic presentation and short story which seemed to me, like a wrong turn from the law ~ Hopefully the pardon was given ~

  5. his boyhood-lull diverted
    into irresistible attraction… sounds like one of those bad guys all the good girls fall for. I like the look of the blued out and pink with yellow o’s. Make a cold , gloomy day seem a little warmer

  6. Bjorn, first the prompt was creative and I see someone had some fun with computer paint. Amazing how you can mix a new drink from words. Sounds like trouble behind those pink bars.

  7. I love the page… also the poem left by the designs, but the page diverts me ‘into irresistible attraction’ — sorry, couldn’t resist.

  8. I, too, was struck by the contrast of the bright art and somber tone of your poem–a nice balance. Thanks for the exercise, I’d never tried blackout poetry before.

  9. Very intriguing….someone gets in trouble, but then the last line about changes…who? Where? why? – promising …what will be next? ~ Thanks for challenge, we need them more 😉

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