Broken Bones – for dVerse

Droid by Nick Gentry

Droid by Nick Gentry

Binary — her broken bones,
encoded, loaded into sequences
of purplish vacancies.
In magnetic vortex arithmetic
building boolean combinations,
the manifolds of truth.

Ever they are multiplying
in my sterile petri-dishes,
that non-organic snot,
the virtual clouds of mental flu.

And then when obsolete — discard
the floppy betamax disaster,
or convert to fiberoptic bliss.

But who shall mend
— her broken bones?

Today at dVerse Poetics Grace start out the new year by introducing us to the artistic work of Nick Gentry. His creations using obsolete technology and films can also be inspiration to reflect on.

January 5, 2014

37 responses to “Broken Bones – for dVerse

  1. You describe a very unhappy world, Björn, where ‘people’ have become objects scientists play with and nobody cares about what happens to them once they no longer correspond to what they were expected to be or do.

  2. It makes me think of the song “Plastic Fantastic Lover” by Jefferson Airplane, although your vision in this poem is even more dystopian. I also think of how we are more connected on one level and yet lonelier than ever.
    Thanks for visiting the craziness at

  3. I love this poem, and what fascinating art work! I went to the artist’s site to see more. Also watched a video where he explains his view: we are getting more connected via technology, but less connected in real life. Your poem reflects some of this, the isolated and unpersonal.

  4. whew. you hooked me up front with the broken bones encoded…it is the eyes in this picture that i find so haunting so i am glad you followed immediately with that as well….solid question there in the end as well…that is left to haunt us…

  5. so very true…
    love the language you use here… fits the artwork so well
    In magnetic vortex arithmetic
    building boolean combinations…. very cool b.

  6. I love the modern take on the obsolete media Bjorn ~ If only we can convert all of them to fiberoptic bliss ~ Still there is no accounting for the mending of broken bones ~

  7. Very cool taste to it…I can see the girl having all of it in a little chip encoded in her widget whatever it is….we yet able to valuate the harm of media, but future generation …if only we will communicate without it -telepathically,then – no broken bones, I hope…

  8. the world, unfortunately, is littered with a growing pile of broken bones, broken dreams, discarded technology; back in the day, we could still go to the city dumps, & scavenge broken gears & parts to use in other ways; but now we live in a throw-away environment; a fascinating time, but with each day technology taunts us into luddite status–love the verbiage & the feel of this one; excellent take on the prompt.

  9. We are the old floppy-disk being replace by hard-drives.
    we are sucking the Information of what we know and what is ahead for us in the near future. We can touch,feel, and sense the smell of a dystopian world.

    I love your poem! Brilliant my friend. 🙂

  10. Loved how you blended your words so well with this image, especially for some reason the phrase “purplish vacancies” which quite describe the skin around the eyes, and speak of darker things. Broken, bruised, discarded, abused…pretty much describes life as we observe it each day. Who indeed will “mend” them?

  11. This is a dark one. Mine was a little dark too. For some reason though I love technology, we all know it can take turns and take humanity to levels we don’t want to see. Good writing and great choice of words.

  12. Ah.. the life of ‘computer’ mechanical cognition away from the love of social cognition pathway of mind.. when the floppy disc of text communication overwrites the human soul.. and we go and live and live..and at times never live as floppy disc becomes our GOD and human dies a devil’s death.. as life..:)

  13. For me, this is full of sadness and the sad reality of de-personalization which can so easily invade our digital age. Also made the nurse in me thing of a clinical genetic disorder called osteogenesis imperfecta in which the child’s bones can break just with a hug. See how our minds work!

  14. But who shall mend
    — her broken bones?

    Forgetting all the obsolete systems and form one now wonders – who or what can take over from here! Are all so broken down that it is all difficult? Good question and answers may be found wanting! Wonderful write Bjorn!


  15. I love your take on this…geek mixed with dark as a air of being “removed” from the soul part and allows the reader to interpret that…I love when a writing allows me to reflect more.

  16. have you seen the fields in Ghana where Europe and America dumps their electronic trash? this reminds me of that, especially your closing verse ~

  17. This piece provokes a lot of thought. Even the most leading edge technology will, eventually, become obsolete . . . a guiding note to always look within and not wholly rely on the gizmo of the hour.

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