Introduction made

This is my second installment. Part 1 Tomorrow a mourning mistress, but I think this can be read as a separated installment. Linked to Finnish the story by Barbara W. Beachan

Introduction made

Silently as the people watched, the black hawk helicopter lifted into the air. With a leer Don Francisco fumbled the remote control. The look-alike mannequin seemed to operate the helicopter with the same skilled dare that was the signum of himself.

In the approaching dust cloud of her black limousine Donna Juanita, saw an opportunity she could not miss. Pushing a button the stinger missile launcher came out of her trunk with a pneumatic hiss. “Also girls are entitled to toys”, she said with a lipsticked smile.

The drone helicopter dived towards the limousine as 50 caliber bullets hit the armored metal without causing more than dimpled dents. Juanita pressed the button, and hoped that the tangerine cloud above would be an alternative solution.

“Goodbye Francisco” she muttered.

Wolfgrinning, Francesco pressed the speed-dial button.

She answered at once, “Juanita”,

“Now when we have been introduced, you are welcome in, but please keep your gloves on at all times ”


December 5, 2014

19 responses to “Introduction made

  1. Excellent, and I love the keep the gloves on line! Perfect! Thanks again for participating! I hope that you stay tuned for next week’s challenge! ^..^

  2. Sounds like Francisco is wise to Juanita’s nail-polish shenanigans 🙂
    I’m enjoying their deadly little game, and I think they are too!

  3. Very creative to continue from last week’s prompt! I wonder what you would have done if the picture had have been of a two-year old’s birthday party with pink cup-cakes?

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  7. “…but please keep your gloves on at all times ”… oh my. That does sound like an odd/kinky request.
    I’ll be back tomorrow.


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