Catch its silver in the sieves

When branches try to capture truth in moon
the year unwritten scribble silver words from moon

It bleeds in melting snow — the sentences
unknown, as silent phases of the moon

Of rhythm independently – their song.
in syllables as soldiers of the moon.

The conductor waits in cobwebs past
as curtain falls – interpreting the moon.

He needs to find the tune but not the beat,
as even year can waltz and swirls with moon.

To find your path, for just a while look back
embrace the past then follow sheen from moon.

Its language is the silver caught in sieves
that’s spilled in waters — don’t unbear the moon.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice.”
T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

The first challenge of the year Susie gives us a selection of quotes to write poetry from at toads. I found the new language one especially interesting. The paths and roads have been used so much, so this one was interesting to set into a ghazal that I haven’t tried in a while.

January 1, 2015

21 responses to “Catch its silver in the sieves

  1. We are kindred poetic spirits indeed, Bjorn…we both interpreted the same quote with the moon…so neat. I love the serendipity and your closing lines of the silver caught in sieve especially speaks to me as well. A brilliant New Year to you! 🙂

  2. When you mentioned “silver words” I figured it meant silver linings, so that is how I looked into your poem. We shared the same quote so it was very interesting to read your rendition on that. I like that you repeated the mentioning of the moon because it helped as a reflective voice into what changes occur with the shifts in the moon’s phases. Great symbolism in here for sure! 🙂

  3. “the year unwritten scribble silver words from moon” what a magical thought. And “To find your path, for just a while look back embrace the past then follow sheen from moon.” I think it is important to try to put the old year into perspective then move on. Nice poem, Bjorn .

  4. Soooo pretty, this is. I’d love to hear you read it. I think I’ve complained about the ghazal (and similar forms) over here before, and I’m astounded at your mastery of it. My hat is off to you! Happy New Year, Bjorn.

  5. Oh I love the quote you chose, Bjorn. It is true, our voices change from one year to the next……I love this ghazal to the moon……your writing is very beautiful – in this poem, it is silvery.

  6. Ah! What a perfect ghazal for the new year. I especially love the delicacy of your final image, but each strophe is gorgeously written.

  7. These new words portend a lovely new year. The moon images, the ghazal are inspired. I’m enchanted particularly by you closing couplet, and the phrase, “Its language is the silver caught in sieves”
    A very happy new year to you Bjorn.

  8. I like that this traveler takes his bearings but little else from before.
    The Gazal works so nicely for this, Bjorn, as the moonlight, the moon, sills through all.

  9. Lovely, Bjorn–your poem reminds me of a beautiful moonlit walk taken last night by a stream catching moonlight as you say–a beautiful image that you describe here. k.

  10. I am amazed by the skill and profoundness of thoughts, purity of heart as well, needed to bring to life a form like Ghazal. I enjoyed this poem, both reading it as several other poems and as one whole.

  11. This is a beautiful write, Bjorn. I love this line in particular…
    “Its language is the silver caught in sieves” !
    Wishing you all the very best for 2015.

  12. Your poem has filled my eyes with silver light. I love the dance between words and light, particularly this stanza: “To find your path, for just a while look back/embrace the past then follow sheen from moon.”

  13. Beautiful. I like how your piece encourages the reader to look just a little at the past, embrace/accept it, and then go on the silvery hopeful light.

  14. Love the idea of finding new path, new voice, new words….and all that through silvery of moon….like looking at everything with creative moon beams…neat 🙂

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