After the fireworks

When music from the fireworks, embrace
and grip you gently with its feathered glove;
delivering in flowered coup de grace,
to listless years for few in hope of love
through perfumed steam the infant year,
a toddler rise to meet you — from her bed
bring sheen in shadows: now forget your fears.
The newborn year’s unsoiled while old lies dead.
With crystal water, wash her silky hair;
caress her gently – make your statements warm;
and take a vow to bring in utmost care,
a harvest fall of plow-bills made from arms.
On sheets unwritten, use your pens to write
the whispered words to make our future bright.

Michael give us a list of words at toads, and I think I have used them all in my sonnet for the new year. A happy new year to everyone.

December 31, 2014

15 responses to “After the fireworks

  1. What an amazing vision for the new year, Bjorn. You have expressed your ideas with exquisite phrasing, the given words slip into their natural order.

    All the very best for a 2015 ‘unsoiled while old lies dead’.

  2. The rhyme in this is so unforced, Bjorn. I really like it–the sonnet is one of my favorite forms but I have a very hard time writing it–but at least I get to enjoy reading ones like this. A very Happy New Year to you.

  3. From your lips to God’s ears, as they say. A lovely sonnet, thanks, Bjorn–the rhyme is indeed really softly spoken and lovely. Thanks for all your support and energy. k.

  4. I love the connectivity of similar words you used in three to five. Such a lovely thing having a new babe in the family isn’t it? Definitely a great way to start a new year.

  5. Now that we have a new year, there are so many ‘sheets unwritten.’ I do hope that by the end of this year we all have many of them filled!

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