The magis’ way – #lqw

Hidden in their golden binnacle — secretly
the compass shows in comet’s tail. A trail,
directions perfume-lead in frankincense and myrrh
leading to the stable with the manger of noel.
They cannot dwindle, dawdle like the pachyderms
locked inside the darkness of kafkaesque plight.
But hurry, don’t be late for starlight of tonight.

Once again I have created a small poem from the words of #lqw and linked it up to lqw-week wordle.

December 28, 2014

22 responses to “The magis’ way – #lqw

  1. Clever and then more than the sum of its parts with its call to hurry. We each have this star in our lives, a path to take up which in the end may give us more pleasure than our dawdling will.

  2. 🙂 Nice seasonal writing, Bjorn. Making the mystical magic of old explainable in terms of understandable today’s science and technology.

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