It’s not from fireworks


As the year wound down to a close, they gathered around the table and raised their glasses filled with blood. Cheering for their cluster bombs and Tomahawks, for drones and AK-47:s, for armoured trucks and uniforms. They cheered for bank-accounts that didn’t smell of corpses rotting in the streets.
They had been expanding into civil service and to the jihadists.The weapon merchants don’t discriminate against the needs, Two-thousand-fourteen would be a year of joy for just a few, and they were gathered here,
The generals had gone off to bed in company of trafficked escort-girls, and jihadists had been given virgins as a foretaste of their martyrdom. The marketing of armory was simply based on “make ‘em pay”.
“A cheer for retributions growing, and for the price you’ve paid in souls” — the cloaked man in the corner spoke. “You’ve done well, and let us hope for years of war to come”. A whiff of sulphur permeated the board-room air, and it was not from the new-year fireworks.

I have not joined in finish that story. Barbara W Beacham invites us to share stories on the same picture with the first sentence giving. This is my attempt.

18 responses to “It’s not from fireworks

  1. Make em pay! Well done! Thank you Bjorn for participating and I hope that you come back to take part next week! Happy holidays to you! Be well! ^..^

  2. All in all, I think this has been a very unkind, inhuman and gluttonous year. Not one to mark with joy, in my humble opinion. Glædelig jul to you.

  3. Wow. Well-done, Björn. Wish I could stay that the Masters of War will have a bad 2015 — but — well, there’s no end is there.

    The bank account detail was incredible. If only blood/body money smelled for what it really was.

  4. I never thought of the weapons merchants actually hoping for war, but I guess they must – it’s their business after all. A pretty nasty profession, I guess it takes a “certain type” of person to be able to rationalise enough to be able to sleep at night.

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