After all it could have been worse – for dVerse

There was a birthday when I realized
I probably had less remaining roads to go
than the paths I already had walked.
I should have done, delivered gold
and maybe resting on my laurels
satisfied but I was not.

Carefully prioritizing on my list of dreams
I removed the items such as:
climbing peaks and crossing oceans
building companies and learning Mandarin,
running marathon and save the world.

But even then there was so much to do
to match the time remaining.
I crumbled up my list,
and let it be consumed in flames,
deciding that my dreams would never cease
and every morning is an opportunity
to live my life with you.

And even if I cannot blow the candles
of my ever growing years.
I’m smiling now and say to you:
“alternatives to this, my love
are still a whole lot worse”

Today Gay asks us to write Birthday at dVerse MTB poems at dVerse. Winter Solstice is connected to the birth of Christ, and also a time to sum up the passed year, and look ahead.

25 responses to “After all it could have been worse – for dVerse

  1. there are certainly things that are no longer possible once we reached a certain age and still…the still-yet-possible list is endless… though there’s something in being content as well with what we got and some lists just need to be burned so we can stay sane…

  2. Certainly a lot of things on my “bucket list” that I will never accomplish either, but you are certainly correct in that things could have been a whole lot worse. On the whole, I have lived a very blessed life!

  3. Bjorn, beautifully put. I think we need our bucket lists and goals to keep us striving and young-at-heart if not as young in years as we used to be. Loving and being loved are vital. Health makes so much difference. I realize I have probably lived over two-thirds of my life, which is sometimes a disconcerting thought. But that still leaves me, I hope, quite a lot of life left and so many things yet to do. To have someone to share those years and things with–priceless. And of course, in a week we celebrate the most important birthday of the all.


  4. I like this poem, Bjorn. It reads like an end of year reflection; and the end of year always brings out reflectiveness in me as well. I think as time our bucket lists may become a bit more realistic; and waking up with someone loved certainly sounds like the best of ANY alternatives. I don’t think that even climbing a peak or running a marathon could surpass that!

  5. i like the message in this one as well…we can get so consumed with things we want to do we forget to enjoy them for what they are….each day we have opportunity to live to the fullest…and if we do how can we want for more….

  6. I have removed a few things from my bucket-list too but have also added new (more realistic?) ones. It is always good to remain open and welcome new challenges though.

  7. So mush to do, so little time …Dropping things from the list or crimpling it entirely allows time spent to be full full full–not bad at all.

  8. Oh, yeah, my brother in poetics, you nailed the spirit of the moment, of the year, inhabiting the eternal Now, thanking the universe for small victories, loving the one you’re with; a strong voice, tinged with more tenderness than regret; may that continue ad infinitum.

  9. I am glad to read this too!

    Bucket lists. So glad when my husband died I picked up and went to the UK and France for 7 glorious weeks! The only peak I climbed was up the back way to Edinburgh castle surprising the guards in my middle age running suit and gym shoes. They laughed when I pondered how I would go back down, return on the Royal Mile and enter properly. They finally let me enter through their quarter’s gate and I came in the castle through the back! A metaphor for my whole trip actually. I was up for the walks, the weather, the climbs and a very much colder springtime than we have in Texas. I was there long enough for many in Paris (the last week) to say to me, “bonjour, vous êtes Anglais, n’est-ce pas ? Non, vous êtes anglais!”

    Loved this. I heartily believe you are in the prime of life. Pity we live globes apart all of us. It would be so nice to meet. Perhaps I’ll get to your part of the world someday? (she said wistfully)

  10. I will be 71 in a few days. When I stop to think about it, I start counting, thinking about how many years I have left. Inside this again body is a very young mind, so my only recourse is to whoop it up today…as much as my body will allow! Nicely expressed.

  11. and every morning is an opportunity
    to live my life with you.

    A great event to be sharing love’s great moments. Other alternatives might go against what are expected. Very true Bjorn!


  12. I have been doing noting but trying to figure out what happened in 2014 and planning what will happen in 2015…this hits home, your words always are so ponderable! (and spell check hates me for that word! )

  13. Yes.. 6 ft.. above rather than 6 ft.. below.. is always a way to grow.. as human being ahead in now of PRESENT of life..

    And Bjorn this reminds me of the Comet tale i acquired in a quarter of a Century basically working at the same military installation acquiring more and more facts of work and fewer and fewer fact of life…

    And finally dying in that life.. and rising again.. knowing that it was only a tale…

    and never the comet that is i..

    for now..
    for one

    as pleasure of the present that present is NOW..:)

  14. my dreams would never cease
    and every morning is an opportunity
    to live my life with you.

    Very beautiful effect there and I can not agree how much fun learning a new language is.

  15. There is something to be said for taking each day as it comes – though it’s nice to have a bit of a loosey goosey bucket list, I think. I have my doubts that I ever would have kept up with my poetry without one. Smiles.

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