Like sipping a Pastis

Rolling from his lips, those dreams
like sipping your pastis
of milky wormwod bitterness.
But bending backwards you still meet
his promiscuous promises
of afternoons – anonymous
in Rive Gauche hotel-rooms.
and only afterwards you realize
that oily puddle rainbows
never hide a pot of gold.

photograph by Robert Doisneau

photograph by Robert Doisneau

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December 14, 2014

34 responses to “Like sipping a Pastis

  1. interesting how everyone sees this photo differently. I guess we have to kiss a lot of frogs before we find the one who is a prince of a fellow!

  2. You kind of made me think of a great series of poems I could call ‘stories behind kisses’ if I were a good storyteller. So many photos and paintings on the topic.

    Do people in Europe also want to fall in love and live unforgettable romances in Paris? I’m not that picky, I could use some romance no matter where in the world.

    This poem also reminds me of this movie called “An education”, have you seen it? Some people do go all the way to Paris to have their dreams broken.

    Curiously, I was going to post this poem of mine called “meet me in Paris” to the Toads open link this morning, but I wrote a new one because I couldn’t sleep. My setting was also Rive Gauche. 🙂 I’ll make it public near future.

    Thanks for coming to read me throughout this year always with a nice word at your fingertips. I am thankful for your friendship.


    • I love to try to find the story in a picture.. and often I try to find a story less obvious than the picture shows. Your idea of kisses sounds like an excellent one.. I hope you pursue it.. I find your comment on the film quite intriguing.. but alas I have never seen it… the really interesting part is that I often have received comments on my narrative writing that it reminds them of a film (that I have rarely seen)..
      Paris as a place for love.. hmm yes there is that image, but I think you find it where you are.. but certainly there are many books and films that give you that image.. love you find where you happen to be though,

  3. For me, this poem does capture nuances of Europe in its classical feel and I love the backdrop of city in your exploration of relationships. We are ever bound to place.

  4. Bjorn I really liked out sensible and human this poem is. There are times when we are willing to throw ourselves into the fire, if it leads to happiness, and sometimes we soon realize that that happiness isn’t what we dreamed it to be. Really well written! 🙂

  5. Wonderful! “promiscuous promises”: I believe you’ve coined a neologism that should, probably, be fast-tracked into western urban plain-speak, asap. Why keep circling the drain when “promiscuous promises” cuts right to the heart of a plethora of relationship issues. What a inspired phrase!

  6. “oily puddle rainbows
    never hide a pot of gold.” – Brilliant use of imagery. I loved it. This echoes the other side of the the story I tried to capture in my poem based on this particular prompt.

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