What the grampus whispered about the orchard.

You say perception changes with perspective
and if you listen to what grows beneath
where slander mycorrhiza will remove your doubt.
and it can grow to funghi of a virgin truth
whispered from the basement far below.

Last night you said you dreamt of us
Did you see the grampus’ dancing kelp?
or from the hidden dell a retrospective spell,
that’s never found in standard issue grimoires.
And will you bind an alder wreath with blood?
for skyclad orgies in our ashen orchard;
barren – left to die from scrump and theft.

Or will you raise again and see what’s here
my heart is sacrificed for your relief

photo by Elene Usdin

photo by Elene Usdin

It’ been a while since I wrote to Magpie Tales, but I do it here. If anyone wonder what some of the strange words come it from here, This is my 1500th entry, so cause for a small celebration (for me at least).
December 7, 2014

26 responses to “What the grampus whispered about the orchard.

  1. I loved ‘binding of the alder wreath with blood’, so very pagan and otherworldly….wonderful imagery here…and many congratulations for your 1500th post, that’s amazing. x

  2. Wow 1500th post..congrats!!! Oh, this one is dark and foreboding one never knows what that orchard will whisper..the grampus could mean two things that swim or hide in the deep waters.

  3. Saying it again like the rest, congrats Bjorn! Great write with all the different episodes depicted. As you said, the words seem easier to relate this time, yes!


  4. 1,500! Quite an achievement, especially since you maintain high quality and artistry throughout. You’re giving me a vocabulary challenge this morning, Bjorn–I’m off to study!
    Steve K.

  5. Thanks to blogging, so many poems exist now that we might not have written without the encouragement of other poets, right, Bjorn? I am eternally grateful. I always admire your talent.

  6. How we lead each other on and on and on in poetry! Congrats on 1500. I’m at 1081 on the poetry blog myself. In itself, this provides a changing perspective on who we are, doesn’t it? I like the play of perspective in your poem too. I sure hope the orgy doesn’t end up leaving the field barren–not after an entire heart was sacrificed.

  7. Congrats on 1500! Given the consistent quality: the caliber and diversity in your form poems, the subtleties and nuances contained in your work . . . to say nothing of the indisputable talent you show for your craft – I am gobsmacked. What a wonderful achievement in your life, Björn.

  8. Congrats on your 1500th.

    This poems scares me. It evokes terrible feelings of loss; ugliness from times when ignorance and fear ate at the heart of man.

    My eyes are very wide right now…

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