Forever parted

Sighted in this soot – a gracious swan
who kissed the surface of my dream.
It sang in deepest longing for its kind
of black and white who don’t connect.
And then nocturnal darkness fell upon
the lonely wolf moon’s diamond eyes.
Forever parted from the sun it wailed
like fighting brothers who won’t meet.

Hilma af Klint The Swan (No. 17)

Hilma von Klint The Swan (No. 17)

This is a 55 word flash for the prompt at toads. A few words about the art, it is painted in 1914 by Hilma af Klint, who for many years have been quite unknown. Her ideas in abstract painting was a lot before her time, just check her out.
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December 6, 2014

40 responses to “Forever parted

  1. Beautifully interpreted ekphrasis with very deep contemplation and voice. This is a really special piece Björn – I compliment you highly.

  2. The painting made me think of Narcissus, and the idea of the impossible kiss. Your poem is another take on that impossible kiss I guess. Great 55! The idea of the ‘brothers who won’t meet’ is very powerful.

  3. So much here. A nod to fairy tales intertwined with current events in my mind’s eye. The first two lines are just gorgeous as is the whole poem.

  4. Not unnaturally the black swan is native to Australia and diametrically opposite to the white swans in northern Europe. The early colonists brought some white swans with them but I don’t think the black ones were amused! Hilma af Klint’s work is much more picturesque than other surrealists painters. I am glad you featured her. Your poem too was a treat to read.

  5. fascinating pic and I enjoyed your interpretation of the poem. I especially liked “wolf moon’s diamond eyes”.

  6. ‘fighting brothers who won’t meet’ ~still wish they will….~ will read more about this beautiful picture. ~ ‘ a gracious swan
    who kissed the surface of my dream.’ ~ love the feel of this image. x

  7. What an amazing piece this is, Bjorn. Not a word wasted and every line perfectly constructed – like the work of art it mirrors.

  8. This is so dreamy, hypnotic and beautiful. Amazing that you can condense so much in so few words. I do like the photo very much too.

  9. excellent! powerful imagery in those words. loved the compact structure of the poem.
    the picture is very intriguing. reminds me of yin and yang. 🙂

  10. I love swans . . . having shared a profound and transcendent “dreamlike” moment of accord with two swans late one soulful evening years ago. I shall never forget it. Glorious birds. And thus, the line: “a gracious swan who kissed the surface of my dream” – achingly beautiful.

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