Cinderella does Dallas

Pumpkins turn to silicon
4 cheerleading success.
Cinderella knows a ball
is just the first beginning.

Plattform slippers sliding
as shoes are not required.
Princes there are many
lots of fun 4 Cinderella.

As midnight clocks are ringing
the pumpkins are a-sagging.
Cinderella leaves them all
DNA will tell the father.

Maybe I should have put a warning on top.. he he. But this is my mash-up of Shay’s prompt at Toads

December 5, 2014

12 responses to “Cinderella does Dallas

  1. I have to say I am feeling a little worried about Cinderella here, given the recent events that have come out in U.S. But I know you don’t mean it that way–(and I’ve never seen the film.) The silicon pumpkins work very well. k .

  2. No warning needed as your title is fairly well known – though I’ve never seen it. Quit the mash up – and how often is Shay speechless?

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