Before the Ball – for dVerse

“I need rhinestone ballet-shoes”
the faerie elephant exclaimed
unfolding million butterflies of sparkling wings
while dancing foxtrot with the purple moose.
“and a Stetson hat in pink –
with that I’ll wear my limegreen tights
cause after all tomorrow is the ball”

The moose wore yellow antlers
(he saved his silver ones for better days)
he stayed silent for a while
he huffed and puffed,
and carefully adjusting (with his tongue)
the leather bow-tie that he’d bought
on Savile Row a hundred years ago.
then (rather pompously) he said:

“I think you should have ruby slippers, dear;
since sparkles of your diamond eyes
would compliment them well”
The elephant she blushed “Oh dear,
it sounds like something brave to do,
but the credit-limit on my card
would not allow Manolo Blahnik’s
in the size of forty-four”

From Wikimedia Commons

From Wikimedia Commons

Today Anthony wants us to go crazy fantasy on dVerse poetics. Use your imagination as much as you can. I could not think of any better fantasy, and beside I wanted to weave some dialogue into my poem.

November 25, 2014

42 responses to “Before the Ball – for dVerse

  1. I am concerned that the stetson and the antlers may end up doing a difficult tango! I am sorry that the credit card can only afford rhinestones, but honestly, they may also be more ecological! Thanks for the smile, Bjorn. k.

  2. I enjoyed reading your fantasy, Bjorn. The elephant does not have peasant taste, that is for sure. But nothing is too fine for dancing with the purple moose! Smiles.

  3. haha…fun piece björn… we should think about a ball at dverse…and hey… i wanna dance with the purple moose as well…but no.. i wouldn’t wear limegreen tights….smiles

  4. very sweet and colorful write, Bjorn :))

    I’d rock some green tights, maybe a yellow jacket that’s few sizes too big–gotta get into the zone for dancing with a moose; haha! And rhinestone shoes aren’t so bad… everyone will be too busy busting a move to critique.. smiles

  5. Date, dance, after a little shopping! Great. But those taps I have the healing blistered feet. OK! What’s next! Hope you like my igniter for passion video. Just sharing.

  6. Funny to see Dorothy’s shoes
    In your world where the moose moo’s
    and would fashionably choose
    yellow antlers over silver….

    Since time is no essence –
    100 years for Moose’s acquiescence,
    I suggest the luminescence
    of shiny – stretchy pleather.

    For unlike the movies
    that clicking size 44 rubies
    will only shake booties and boobies –
    and get you no closer to home.

    So she’ll ride the balloon
    like a big elephant lampoon
    and arrive safely home –
    by the next full moon!

    Aunty Em! Aunty Em!
    Do you know where I’ve been?
    Where the moose’s are purple
    and the wizards wear shoes!

    And we danced, and we danced, and we danced….

  7. you are tempting me to try to fit into lime green tights…ha….rhinestone slippers might be a bit painful to dance in though….ha….fun piece bjorn….rather fantasia….i like that….

  8. Too much hilarity, I say; no gloom, very little doom out on the trail. I think I may title a poem DANCING WITH THE PURPLE MOOSE; Anthony really stoked our imaginations this time, & fun was had by all.

  9. Well this proves objectively just how hard it is to fill the shoes of the elephant those are some really big ballerina shoes to even carry…for lesser of terrestrial ballerinas..:)

  10. A charming bit of whimsy. The quirky dialogue is well crafted and really adds to the fanciful spirit. It is woven into the poem seamlessly: a feat which – I know from experience – can be very tricky to pull off with a light touch. A fun post!

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