compensating closeness

compensating closeness
with another
of amorous affirmation

massive muscled
exhaled to
floodlights and
rhythmic beats
that rip my heartbeats

hands go:
clap clap clap
stagedived closures burning

Marian inspire us with the music of Freddie Mercury at toads. somehow I tried to put myself in his shoes and trying to imagine the ambiguity of feeling he might have felt up there on the stage.
November 14, 2014

9 responses to “compensating closeness

  1. nice, Bjorn. beautiful.
    interesting, i think i expect form poetry when i visit you. i think this is appropriately not that.
    love that photo of Freddie. gosh this whole exercise is making me extremely ferklempt. 🙂

  2. Not easy to capture that energy in words but you have conveyed a sense of stage presence here with your terse lines. Great response.

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