Kokopelli’s flute

From Wikimedia Commons.

From Wikimedia Commons.

Where echoes of his ancient flute reverbs,
the humpbacked canyon player lingers still.
He carved these walls with water sprinkled notes;
and blended pollen in the sandstone dust.
The desert wind transmits his whispered words;
that blessing sprinkle of his rains will come.
The shadows of his house relieve the scorch
from desert sun — gives mercy for your thirst;
his music tastes of petrichor relief;
it bears the sweetness of his cactus figs;
so when you dig his sunwarm sand — a well
will spring below to quench your urgent lust.
But please thread barefoot as you come inside;
and whisper with the wind — so you can hear
the Kokopelli songs that tells the truth.
That only through your silence you can hear,
the mercy and forgiveness from your sins;
from narcissistic gluttony of oil;
from soil transformed to waste-bins for your wims;
of yet another toy to waste your time.
of turbocharged consumption to build lard.
of clotting arteries and wasted growth.
So come in silence for his canyon flute,
and leave the pilfered loot you stole from earth.

Today Hannah inspires us with pictures from Antelope Canyon in Arizona at Toads. I lived in Arizona for a short period in 1992. The nature and the myths inspired me to write this piece of blank-verse. I listened quite a lot to R. Carlos Nakai when I lived there, and I’m sharing a piece which I listened to while writing this.

November 7

19 responses to “Kokopelli’s flute

  1. This is such a joyous piece, Bjorn. You have expressed a deep respect for culture and heritage here.

    But please thread barefoot as you come inside;
    and whisper with the wind — so you can hear
    the Kokopelli songs that tells the truth.

  2. Bjorn, this is a mystical write. I love especially the reverence in your words……the having to quieten ourselves to really listen to what the canyon has to say. Such a spiritual feeling in the natural canyons, the contrast to human consumption strikes the more forcefully. Fantastic piece. How cool that you lived in Arizona for a while. Nakai is a perfect musical accompaniment to this poem! Thank you!

  3. Oh, I love everything about this post. I am a desert dweller–California during the cold months, high desert the rest of the year and it speaks to my soul. And Nakai is always soothing to me.

  4. Just a few days ago, Brian and I agreed we wanted to see Antelope Canyon. Your writing is beautiful. Took me right back to Sedona. I have been listening to Carlos Nakai since the 90s. A few favorite albums I fall asleep to. Lovely, Bjorn.

  5. This sound in this permeates…it’s far-reaching, Bjorn and the mention of humpback is dual in its purpose…it brought the Kokopelli shape but it also brought the sound of the whale call…hollow and echoing. Beautiful poem and powerful in the meaning through the ending. Thank you so much for joining the challenge today! 🙂

  6. Sounds a little mysterious here, Bjorn. It may be putting in the light who the real culprit is, rather than the Kokopelli. For sure must listen to his songs.

  7. This is exquisitely written….and profound too….especially the idea that truth can only be heard through our own silence.

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