A grain of lust

"Greek Slave" Marble @1873 by Hiram Powers

“Greek Slave” Marble @1873 by Hiram Powers

A grain of lust, she’s chained to please
a watching buyer holds the keys
Anonymous behind his mask,
the man can take, he never asks.
Still slaves exist it never ceased.

The blame is hers — she’s such a tease
unless she’s veiled, a man can feast
Cause men are weak they cannot grasp
a grain of lust

She’s waiting in the icy breeze,
the naked slave from ancient Greece
yet still today though time has passed,
we chain our sisters for the tasks
of staying silent nude to be
a grain of lust.

Today Kerry challenge us at Toads to use a booktitle and replace a word to use it as a title of a poem. My choice was to use “A grain of wheat” and and change it to a grain of lust, I also missed Margret’s prompt yesterday with statues. I found the statue of the nude girl chained, and I could not help but to think of trafficking, and the way men are supposed to react on nudity. Also it was a while i wrote a rondeau. I will also link to Poetry Pantry.

October 18, 2014

39 responses to “A grain of lust

  1. Sadly slavery, trafficking, prostitution, etc seem to be timeless issues -just as your poem shows. And most of the time it is women who pay the price.

  2. What an amazing poem, Bjorn. The choice of the classic rondeau to offset your theme and bridge the gap between past and present is inspired. The repeated phrase gains in strength throughout… sisters chained for a grain of lust.

  3. Sadly the undervaluing of women is so slow being corrected. With communication on an express train, sexual equality is on a slow stopping train pulling into many sidings.

  4. on the other hand -in a less straight-forward reading I see the power of the woman to the weakness of lust – and of the men who are powerless to its temptation and who must then chain and hide the innocent “provocateurs”

  5. Very relevant still today ~ Sadly some of our women are still chained to the lust of greedy and mercenary man ~ Love it Bjorn ~

  6. Lust is equated with a power differential and a desire to reduce woman to objects for men’s own pleasure. Sadly, it happens even today….and that makes me cringe every time.
    But, I liked this powerful voice…Brudberg!

  7. I love “the grain of lust” – it causes quite a lot of disturbance, doesn’t it? As you so beautifully share. What you say is true – the world hasn’t really changed despite views to the contrary.

  8. A timely and timeless theme. And thank you, once again for a new form. I have not yet attempted a rondeau. It looks rather tricky – though the recitative flow does seem, to me, to be slightly more fluid than other forms.

  9. Hey Bjorn–as all have said, your repetition adds to the force of your message–and the musicality creates a certain irony–also there is the irony of the woman veiled/unveiled and the man masked/unmasked. Ugh! Thanks for your message. k.

  10. I have been away for awhile from your words but, upon my return, I see that you are continuing to produce excellence in style, structure and in statements made. You are so effortlessly brilliant, Bjorn! You simply crack me up! 😃

  11. Sexual lust is so damaging, both the object of the lust and one doing the lusting. Although nakedness and intimacy are beautiful things (within marriage or other committed relationship), making women as a whole objects of selfish desire is a sad, sad thing.

  12. What an important topic to be addressed. I like the way you expressed it so fully. It would be nice to live in a world where these things didn’t exist.

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