my morning coffee – for dVerse

Dither in directions, in those deeds — of drools.
Shattered shamans bring the bones,
singing likes of fed in mine (why the wind in this?)
A winded wounding dream, think wailing pillows.
The dreams of dreaming sparrow seams
— unrequited willow sends.
Bestowed is bitter, bitter brine;
harrow of this seeds, synaptic sense;
Stance with difference: It’s brown and bitter ….
Yet, yet, yet sow dearth of toes seen that.
I’m sure my marrow doesn’t mind.

Drawn by me on my iPad

Drawn by me on my iPad

Today I’m hosting dVerse MTB, the challenge today is to write true avant-garde in the spirit of Gertrude Stein (tender buttons) and others. Focus purely on sound by associate to simple objects and do your own verbal cubism. Come join us at the pub. We open the doors at 3 PM EST.

October 9, 2014

27 responses to “my morning coffee – for dVerse

  1. Ah, this has somewhat of a nightmarish sound to it. Those shattered shamans would be frightening, And the wailing pillows is another eerie touch.

  2. Your bitter brine is not something I think I’d like to try. I do like morning coffee though. It is one of the most enjoyable aspects of getting up. Maybe this is what your fourth line alludes to.

  3. interesting how poets like RIlke and Stein were influenced by Rodin and Picasso respectively – the physical influencing the literary. I wonder if there was much moving the other way.

  4. Wow, brother, a perfect illustration for your Cubist verbage prompt; you managed to touch on the non-connectiveness, the absurdity that I could not quite achieve; kept finding fibrous threads of connection to my triple patterns of thought; like the line /think wailing pillows/ which makes me smile as it conjures up Harry Potter tales for me.

  5. God, I can so relate to the toes bit of this dear Björn – but I know for certain that my marrow minds an awful lot! Your excellent image: did you know me before I shaved?
    Loadsa love
    Anna :o]

  6. Oh, I love it. It sounds SO meaningful (dark and sinister) yet somehow the meaning just seems to keep eluding me. Funny that!

  7. I love the alliteration in this, and how the choice of seemingly unrelated phrasing still can pull together to create an overall feel and imagery. Thanks for the inspiration, Bjorn!

  8. Oh, but that bitter brine is so necessary to get my marrow going…
    Wonderful alliteration. Excellent poem. Fabulous prompt. Thank you.

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