The gerrymander torpor of elections – #lqw

We are passive as our leaders gerrymander;
we are powerless, concussed to torpor;
we are given gold pietás as reminders,
that we are sappers, we are the lame supporters;
and like evzone-zombies we are sacrificed.
Cause afterwards the powerful divide and slice;
their election promises have burned to dottle
and oppositions are by their media – throttled.

This weeks lqw-words presented daily on twitter, also linked to Real Toads Open Link Monday. I have included links to all the cumbersome words, so take the opportunity to enhance your vocabulary.

October 6, 2014

18 responses to “The gerrymander torpor of elections – #lqw

  1. Elections – whatever the context – seem to resolve into rhetoric and propaganda and the outcome never quite meets the electorate’s expectations.

  2. That dottle line( a great word) and rhyme really rocked Bjorn–and the message came through the political back-gabble loud and clear–we are the passive and powerless, and so few of us even are aware of it. Thanks for teaching me a new word, too–evzone, which works really well with zombies.

  3. i really like your poem, but i’m going to have to visit to properly decipher it! sorta sounds like you’re describing the crazy politicians! 🙂

  4. Excellent. I’m struck by the precision with which you’ve used each WOTD.

    Also, your poem expresses, in a slightly terrifying way, what I hear pundits claim all of the time: global politics are local politics, same the world over…

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