The potent potion of a kiss

the potent potion of your kiss
stirred with silver from a gibbous moon
aroused with perfume from October’s frost
shared in crystal flutes

along the well-known paths
silenced by an owl – we walk and feel
that all that’s needed to be said
has been said
we bid adieu
and walk in separated dreams

55 words for Real Toads, will also be linked to Poetry Pantry

October 4, 2014

49 responses to “The potent potion of a kiss

  1. Adieu are sad, especially if the relationship has lasted long. On the other hand when no more is shared or feels worth sharing, one might wonder whether in the end parting is not the better option.

  2. oh that walking in separated dreams there in the close is sad… i wished that even though they had to parted they at least could stay in the same dream, you know…

  3. I felt the kiss until their dreams went separate sad…When I first saw you title I was taken back as I too wrote about a kiss. Strange, I wrote mine last night.

  4. Sometimes things that can’t be are more intense than those that can–very musical, ruminative and full of the mood of autumn, Bjorn. I love the crystal flutes, which has that double meaning of carrying either champagne or music, both intoxicants.

  5. Your words and the illustration have made me really think about how much emphasis we give to the kiss in human relations.

  6. how rich and sumptuous, is your imagery; i luv the surprise of separate dreams

    have a nice week; thanks for dropping in at The Sunday Lime

    much love…

  7. so intimate and together…and yet still walking in seperate dreams…there is a sadness in that to me…though when all is said, it is not always a bad thing…

  8. Biding their time, meanwhile “again we bid adieu and walk in separated dreams,
    That has been acted out so many times, more times than not. Good? Bad? It read very nicely, Bjorn. Reading it made me a part of it.

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