The divinity of gossip – for dVerse

Like Ratatoskr, the turbid tabloids
bring — in brutal ways — the chthonic
gossip, of scandalous celebrities.
Quenching (lustfully) in demonic
listlessness, our reality as such;

Glossy with Kim Kardashian gibberish
whispered by this holy gossiper;
running eagerly with nonsense-news;
up and down – just rep-rep-repeating
(in HD-definition) high-tech balderdash;

while your neighbor’s daughter
— flying on her brother’s cocaine —
pay tribute to her Instagram realities
of Ratatoskr’s secrets that’s revealed.

The Gossip by Norman Rockwell

The Gossip by Norman Rockwell

Today at dVerse Poetics Abrah is talking about mythology, in a modern sense. I selected the squirrel Ratatoskr who runs up and down from the root of the world tree Yggdrasil to its top with news. I see him as the divine gossiper. Pub opens at 3 PM EST.

September 30, 2014

34 responses to “The divinity of gossip – for dVerse

  1. Ah, I like thinking about this squirrel Ratatoskr, and I can only hope that in his mythical persona he had more interesting news to announce than that of scandalous celebrities. Ha, it is a wonder that even in Sweden Kim Kardashian is known!

  2. oy social media has made that all the more…we had a pretty big federal case here…and some old friends have really got on the bandwagon on social media driving a story that just needs to be let go…its all for their personal gain…makes me a bit sick

  3. I had never heard of the squirrel Ratatoskr and am sorry to read that such a cute critter caused havoc by spreading gossip. Sadly social media and electronic devices, which I otherwise appreciate, seem to have made the Ratatoskrs of this day thrive.

  4. Gossip given to great length causing hurt but just for fun! Thought this is just a modern phenomena but it went a long way back! Great word craft Bjorn!


  5. I hear what you’re saying. Gossip is never innocent – no matter if its about celebrities or people we know. Love the Rockwell art.
    Good poem here. I have to look up your mythology figure.

  6. This is thought-provoking, as our modern-day gossip now spreads far and wide thanks to technology……..and does little to elevate anyone’s spirit. Great accompanying picture……….

  7. Tongues wag where minds pry, press their eye to the keyhole. Envy and greed, lust and gluttony: so many sins revel in the dirt. Love the illustration by Norman Rockwell.

  8. Very clever, but for me the most interesting line is how reality is quenched. People focus on this stuff as if it were truly news and of course real news–what is actually seriously affecting people in the world is technical and boring by comparison and gets little reflection–and personal news, what’s going on at home (the sister and brother) , also are ignored. Agh. k .

  9. Ah.. the oral tradition of Gossip.. once a place of deeper stories told.. now a place where instant gratification rules the day and night.. and love is at times..

    no longer light… the dark the night.. the voice.. the song.. the dance.. a way of life.. where hope still lives…

    In LIGHT.

  10. The pertinent issue here is that Gossip is part of the human condition, ever has it been, ever will it be–a shady side of human nature, like greed, need for control, sloth & other nasty tendencies. Very nice rocking of the prompt, brother; staying within Scandinavian parameters, & yet reaching out for universal truths. I, too, love the Rockwell painting; he was a genius.

  11. Ha – great minds think alike! I was just saying in my comments that today’s myth-making is all that celebrity gossip. Nice take on this prompt – and taught me something new!

  12. that picture is divine and the way you incorporated the gossips in your words was just as cool.
    *gibberish* is a favorite word of mine.

  13. social media as the new squirrel…I can see the relationship…and the parallels to it being like a drug. an enjoyable read.

  14. Sounds like Ratatoskr is quite the busybody! I love the juxtaposition of this myth and contemporary tabloid news. Great photo to use to marry it all together.

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