a brief pause from walking on caltrops

datura-high I soar the clouds
candy-flossy mauve like music form
John Coltraine’s saxophone
from his time with Monk

anxiously I watch
the internecine war between
a crazy peccary and our boars
creolized to be kept as pets.

with rolling tears,
my fingertips are dancing
on imaginary frets, dreaming
of a walk – all along the watchtower
Jimi Hendrix by my side

I wake from my delirium
trembling with a loss of ambiance
of cumulonimbus songs
and I walk on caltrops once again

A little photediting..

A little photediting..

My second try with the #lqw wordle. Since I choose the words myself, I’m to blame for the weirdness of it. If you can do better with

caltrop datura fretinternecine creolize peccary & mauve

Please join the fun.

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September 14, 2014

19 responses to “a brief pause from walking on caltrops

  1. Some of the imagery is so scary, but it’s so beautifully juxtaposed with the music of Jimi Hendrix. As though everything seems more subtle in the company of good music. So awesome.

  2. Coltrane pulled riffs out of his sax that come from this territory–almost our language, perhaps more of the angel (or the devil). Poetry needs its icy edges so we know how far words can go. I’m not quite sure where this one went, but that may be the point. Hard indeed to interpret the music that we heard way out there.

  3. Caltrops is one of my favorite words, and I have indeed somewhere sometime written a poem using it, but NOT in conjunction with peccaries, mauve things or Jimi Hendrix. Your creativity here finds an echo in the craft with which you assemble this ragtag of very strong and differentiated elements into a poem that speaks (to me anyway) of senses pushed to the extreme.

  4. This works for me, though in general I hate word-list poetry. Cleverness overtakes emotion–but you are kind to gloss a few words and provide the music which I have listend to for 5 minutes and will keep listening to for hours! I love that we can take poetry breaks from our bed of nails and crown of thorns, with Jimi, Janis or alone.

  5. A beautiful walk through Bjorn! You got on to a nostalgic Hendrix journey which is refreshing. Your ‘hard’ words got me stumped though! Great write!


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  7. …what WHIMSYGIZMO said — and more. Despite those calrops, this musical walk was divine.

    And thank you, especially, for the Monk/Coltrane video. (I’ve only recently become a Coltrane mega-fan after years of dismissing him[!])

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