on the knife’s edge – for dVerse

we’re caught in limbo between dark and light
our inflection point where there still is choice
in the eye of storm where it’s not too bright
I whisper sentences with broken voice
we knew that lights of love might burn – consume
us into ash – we circle round our pyre
enchanting pheromones our lust’s perfume
to quench this fire I’m screaming “liar”
and suddenly I’m saved – conserved in ice
utterly alone – enchanted by your song
I might survive for an expensive price
but come the dawn – we are where we belong
because on the knife’s edge of our existence
we couldn’t make it without assistance

Today at dVerse Poetics Anthony wants us to write about bringing light into the darkness, I hope my feeble sonnet fulfill the criteria. Bar opens at 3 PM EST, but I will be out at work when the bar opens, so I will check in later.

September 9, 2014

34 responses to “on the knife’s edge – for dVerse

  1. ah, I love you’ve written this: the darkness of loneliness and the realization of needing help… Often times we are scared to ask for a hand, but have no problem giving it–that’s me. I don’t know if one could make it in this world, a world built for two.

  2. Our minds traveled in similar spheres today, yours the knife’s edge, mine the delicate balance of a tightrope walker. I, of course do not gravitate toward the sonnet as you often do, updating antiquity seems to be one of your specialties, brother.

  3. “because on the knife’s edge of our existence
    we couldn’t make it without assistance.”
    Lovely sonnet, Bjorn–and I particularly like the sound of the spoken words in, and sensitivity of, these last two lines.

  4. An intense, and yet, transcendent sonnet, that begs to be read aloud . . . which I did, softly. Wonderful words, well crafted. “the knife’s edge of our existence”: hauntingly resonate.

  5. So true i think that culture and our advanced technologies can bring an illusion of independence and only needing ourselves at times..but the interdependence of all things is a reality that i try to never forget..and reality that i always want to stay as truth in my life now..;)2!..

  6. Excellent sonnet, Bjorn. I think we are often caught between that light and dark & need a little bit of ‘assistance’ on occasion to get it right!!

  7. Very well done. I also love reading your sonnets! You are along the lines of Anthony’s theme. You have quite a metaphor to maintain passion, or burn. Like walking on eggshells. I kinda stuck with light and dark. Working on consciously erasing the past. It is not working, but changing the subjects even still.

  8. Your sonnet makes me sad. I know it’s darkest before the dawn, but the pruning, severing and shaving might get rid of a healthy wildness as well. I worry that to end war some entity truly needs to slaughter another. At least you deal with ice instead of blood.

  9. Dang Bjorn, a sonnet I just love it when you write these..to be caught between the dark and light..the eye of the storm is where there is often a sense of calm..perhaps, that is where guidance will come to help..just pondering..

  10. I like the visual of love burning to ash…I think it shows quite well how light and dark can coexist so seamlessly and unusually together. It is all a delicate balance.

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