The lighthouse at the end

for every step you take
doors of possibilities are closed
as other opens up

you’re strong and young
with songs that leads you on
on convoluted paths
silently converging into one – until
you reach the last lighthouse
sitting on its precipice

you sit a little while
and realize you’ve reached
that lonely point
where you once began

Cabo da Roca .. from wikimedia commons

Cabo da Roca .. from wikimedia commons

This is a poem for Real Toads, doing old prompts again. I have chosen the one by Kerry on the garden of forking paths (Jorge Louis Borges. I have not read that particular concept, but it’s about all these choices we can make, and it’s consequences. I will also link this to Poetry Pantry

August 23, 2014

39 responses to “The lighthouse at the end

  1. I once had a wise man tell me that you won’t find anything anywhere else that you can’t find right where you are. So for me no surprise that he’s right back at his lonely point again. (He may never escape it.)

  2. and realize you’ve reached
    that lonely point
    where you once began

    As often in life one seeks to see and to reach out but the sad truth is that when one comes to the end of the road one is still searching. Great thoughts Bjorn!


  3. This reminds me of a poem by Keats…the speaker there followed his nose to the North & from England he reached Scotland where he found everything was same as it was in England even “That lead / Was as weighty, / That fourscore / Was as eighty / As in England”…i think journey itself is more important & worthy than reaching a destination….

  4. …that lonely point where you once began.

    That is really cool – but maybe “lonely” won’t mean the same thing – I used to think “solitude” the same thing when I was young – but now I know the difference. (there I go, trying to turn a sad ending into a happy ending 🙂

  5. The begin and end are the same despite the sadness that this must convey. Neither are important it is what we did in between that counts.

  6. I admire the circular path your words have weaved ~ To walk to the last lighthouse sitting on its precipice, only to discover you are back to where you started ~ But this is reality of life, we are always taken back to the starting line ~ Have a good Sunday Bjorn ~

  7. its like ouroboros….the snake that wraps back around to its tale…how frustrating at times to realize we have come full circle…until we figure out a new way…

  8. I really like the idea of a lighthouse being at both the beginning and the end of a journey.

  9. love this! it goes out to everyone who has ever strived for the best until they find out that it is lonely being at the top. Creative writing at its best.


  10. This sounds to me like someone who feels lost and has no direction, going around in circles, and ending up right where they started ~ a great metaphor for that type of lonely feeling.

  11. I have a great love for lighthouses, there lonely locations speak to my inner hermit, and also say so much about life lived on the edge of nowhere. Yours is an outstanding detail in this poem.

  12. gosh that first line just slammed that Police song (“Every Breath You Take”) into my brain and then underscored it with your reference to song. not sure that’s what you were going for but i can’t escape it now! trapped… like in a maze, or a lighthouse!

  13. This reminds me of the book by Jon Kabat-Zinn who wrote the book “Wherever You Go, There You Are.” Love the lighthouse looking out…at the possibilities.

  14. Bjorn, this reminds me of our “The MTA Song,” where the train rider (Charley) can never get off. He keeps going and going, round and round. I know you enjoyed writing it. 🙂

  15. Love the image of lighthouse! and this idea of coming to where you started can be interpreted in different ways…I feel in some way this is true not for everyone…from another point of view: be happy as where we started with minimum at our hands and more turned inward of our inner truth – it’s all we need…~ Thanks for the idea :)x

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