just like the badger – for dVerse

the lazy canopies smother me tonight
in their stagnant smell of fall decay
I meet a badger on my evening walk
and for a brief instant – he looks at me
and with dignity he frowns and leaves

the hungry moon above pulsates
playing peek-a-boo with racing clouds
eagerly impatient, just like me

as my heart races at the sight
(like the disappearing badger)
I realize – I miss
the salty breeze from open seas
horizons and an open sky
the silver-roads across the sea
I miss the black water, where
seaweed slowly dances with my feet
a night like this – I sigh
but as the badger –
I know my home is here


today at dVerse Abhra wants us to think about home-coming. I grew up by the sea, and 14 years ago I moved from the west-coast of Sweden to the east-coast. There are occasions when I miss the smell of sea, and yesterday evening I met a badger when taking a stroll.

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August 12, 2014

54 responses to “just like the badger – for dVerse

  1. Bjorn, I liked your poem. I’m glad some wild animals can still roam free. I never saw the sea (Pacific Ocean) until a trip to California. I was raised in Ohio where there is only Lake Erie. I never ate shrimp until I was in high school. 🙂 —Susan

  2. knowing where your home is, is important…
    though at times i do pine for other places…and of those places we once called home….i used to live by the beach…it was one of my fav places…

  3. I love the ending of home but this part really sparkles for me:

    the salty breeze from open seas
    horizons and an open sky
    the silver-roads across the sea
    I miss the black water, where
    seaweed slowly dances with my feet

  4. Since I know the area you come from, I can see why you’d miss it. It is just beautiful. I have never lived by the sea but if I had I am sure I’d miss the salty sea breeze too, that and the blue choppy waters.

  5. Badgers are so cute… made me think of when I was little, I went on a trip to the beach… I couldn’t swim, but my mom let me go in the water… was great until I stepped in something slimy… ha, it’s great to know where your home is, a lil piece of your heart will always be there.

  6. I encounter these little guys from time-to-time on a couple of the golf courses here in Reno. Not exactly cuddly and if I hit a ball in the water near where they are hanging out, I’m not about to retrieve it!

  7. very Zen, be the badger; but remember they are also dangerous, same family as wolverines; which you many not have in Sweden. Like you, I love a good hike in the forest, up into the foothills in our many active mountains in the NW, the Ring of Fire; but monthly, the wife & I must travel back the sea, 100 miles west, to suck up those ocean vibes, and Yes, to look off into the Pacific horizon, toward Hawaii, toward Japan. Heading to the beach next week actually.

  8. Aw. I love the picture. Your poem really describes the acceptance of the past – that it is no more. I can understand missing the sea, my husband dwells on that sometimes. But, hopefully you can visit sometime.

  9. Bjorn, you build a beautiful contrast here – I think I can relate to your thoughts – what you miss – I am glad my idea could connect you to those thoughts.

  10. A delightful encounter. There are badgers here, but they are rarely seen.

    Can you not smell the sea on the East coast of Sweden? Or is the Baltic too enclosed from the wide ocean to be very salty? I remember camping by the sea on the way down the coast from Stockholm to Malmo, where the pine trees had their feet in the beach sand.

    • Alas the baltic sea is very brackish, and the forest reach all the way to shore (there is not tide either).. so the feeling is more like that of a lake.. On the westcoast, it’s smooth rocks and wide horizons.. the smell of sea is undiluted so to say.

  11. I go with your story I miss my place where i was born i lived there for more than 18 years……… I miss that home……………..

  12. “the lazy canopies smother me tonight….
    I realize – I miss
    the salty breeze from open seas
    horizons and an open sky….”
    You’ve captured the contrast of a verdant landscape and a seascape so well in a few words. The badger as conduit adds an interesting touch.

  13. what a cool eye to eye incident with the badger – and i love the seaweed dancing with the feet image…made my feet tickle while i read…and made me longing for the sea myself…

  14. I like your badger & your hungry moon…esp like rhe salty and black sea..seaweed goes with. Here I talk with chipmunks. .

  15. I can feel the melancholy in this and too a bit of humor with that badger. I’m glad he walked away and didn’t want to start any trouble with you.

  16. And the way the badger walks too, as if reluctant but certain he can’t stay and play. I never miss the sea when in a mountain forest; never miss the forest when at the sea.

  17. Ha, reminds me of the song ‘California Dreaming’ – I suppose there is always that sea air/mountain air/miserable urban area air of childhood and home that we miss no matter how happy we are elsewhere… I like the use of the badger here to make your point (a bit like the moose in Elizabeth Bishop)

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