Sometimes I’m awake at night

sometimes –
from the polluted pond
I still hear
a skeletal concerto
keeping me awake
with its deadly silence
and a smell of ash

sometimes –
beneath the rainbow surface
I see their spectres mating
and bony tadpoles
losing their direction –

sometimes –
I remember cursing
bull-frogs calling
long time ago

Copyright M. Bednar

Copyright M. Bednar

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August 8, 2014

18 responses to “Sometimes I’m awake at night

  1. What a way to wrap this beautiful photo with dramatic and hauntingly lovely words — and tie in what is perhaps, sadly, the sixth extinction we have going on here on our little blue dot (not to mention pollution, climate change, and the idea of amphibians as bellwether species). Fine work, as always, Björn!

  2. def and erriness under the surface of this one….the calls of the frogs and bulls can play with the imagination in the dark…but i feel an ominousness to this one…..a haunting….

  3. Sometimes we are reminded of those who went before us, walking the same ground thought different paths. For sure I wouldn’t have thought of the small creatures on my own. Very clever, Bjorn. Thank you.

  4. Björn, I could see this as a “Halloween” repost, not that you need material for posting or anything. I return to this poem a lot, although it is sad, because it reminds me to reach for hope despite the skeletal concertos all ’round us.

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