34 responses to “Questions

  1. i think it’s cool if we stay curious and don’t put people in a drawer even after knowing them many years but continue to ask questions… it’s sad when there are secrets though that harm the relationship… ugh

  2. i wonder how far relationships go with secrets!! i think its a rather argument-able topic!
    I might have printed this twice… not sure!! sorry for any repetition!

  3. I was wondering why you left the verb ‘fertilize’ as plural rather than singular? Is it intended that ‘Questions fertilize curiosity?’ I rather like that idea. Then again, you could have ‘curiosity-fertilized relationships’. I do wish there was a tense in English that was ambiguous so that you could leave the reader to speculate on intent. It is probable that languages which are cuneiform or symbolic in nature provides greater flexibility that way.

      • I think the word arrangement made me think harder about the possible meanings. In poetry, it is often how it is said as much as what words are used that shades the meaning. Your voice is unique, I wouldn’t want to mess with it and make it ordinary.

  4. I think we all have secrets…that’s completely normal…but we can’t have those secrets create pain or harm to our loved ones if they are ones that shouldn’t be “buried” from them.

  5. This is intriguing. I like the gardening images with the fertilizing/burying. We only reveal what we are comfortable exposing. And, it takes time to build trust to a point we can allow those secrets to surface.

  6. we all bury secrets…the question is are we burying ourselves completely such that relationships can not take hold and grow.

    lovely verse…so much said in so little words.

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