Pedro’s addiction – For Friday Fictioneers

Pedro was just born in the body of a man.
At his father’s wish he labored at the farm.

He hated growing muscles,
He hated bristles on his chin.
He hated evenings at the bar.

He changed when his father died –
Hormones made his skin smoother,
and dressing in flannel shirts he hid his body’s curvature.

“Mother, I need to tell you something” he said one day.

“Pedro, we always knew you were a girl.
Your father’s deepest grief was your lacking courage to admit it”

Pedro looked nonplussed, as his mother said:

“No boy is addicted to purple”

My own picture

My own picture

So it’s time to write a new story at Friday fictioneers, and this is another of my Madeira pictures that’s been selected by Rochelle (addicted to purple). For once I know the exact reason why I took this picture, and I actually had FF in mind. If you look carefully you see one part of the grey house painted in a vibrant pink or purple. That was what I wanted to use in my story.

Try yourself to join us in writing stories on the same picture. Each week we are about a hundred doing the same thing. Or visit some of the talented writers by clicking on the link below.

August 6, 2014

106 responses to “Pedro’s addiction – For Friday Fictioneers

  1. Right when you mentioned purple in your story my sight went to search for it in the photo !
    Exceptionally good characterization Bjorn !

  2. Bjorn,
    Thanks for this week’s photo prompt. It’s a good one, and I look forward to the great stories it encourage our group to create.

    And . . . a good story from you this week. I liked the mother’s response. It does seem that parents always know. Great use of “addicted to purple” too.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  3. such a good story and such a creative way to use that picture. As always my visit to your space is a happy and thoughtful one.

      • I think I’m going to have to start writing more poetry 😉 . (I get your writing in my email…so I read you often just don’t have time to make it over here to comment..but every once in a while I simply have to come over and get lost in your words.)

  4. Hi Bjorn, I love your photo. It made me publish my first story in Rochelle challenge today. I’ve written them, but not publishing. But this photo was the missing puzzle I was waiting for. Thanks!

  5. Dear Bjorn,

    I love the way you used the photo in your story. And a good story it was. Definitely out of the box.

    My eyes went right to the color, though I saw it as fuchsia, and used the top floor apartment as my haircutter’s salon.

    Thanks for your great picture. Can you tell me where on Madeira it was taken? I spent some hours trying to find it by Google Earth but there are many roads and I have not enough patience.



  6. Björn, I liked that he was addicted to purple, but I never saw the color til I read your piece. Well written!

    Thank you for supplying the inspiration this week!

  7. No boy is addicted to purple…. that little nod to Rochelle made me laugh. Love the mother’s reaction to Pedro’s confession. Well-told story all around.

  8. Wonderfully interesting image – there are so many levels and depths to it, it is fascinating – and certainly can provide so much inspiration for story-telling.

    And your response is wonderful – I love the simplicity, yet complex nature of the meanings — and cheers! for weaving in the addiction to purple — well done and clever. 🙂

  9. Killer last line! But in fact the poetry is so good it could have stayed serious. Your productivity in the poetry is just absolutely shocking. I wonder if all commenters know just how much high quality verse is produced here – so much that i cannot get to the commenting fast enough, but it is a great yardstick for quality, for me I mean.
    Very well done.

    • I think it would have been serious if it had not been at FF.. and I did not even intend to write poetry this time… my prose sounds like this. Maybe I’m becoming like Florentino Ariza who never could produce a business letter without making it sound like poetry… 🙂

  10. Oh, what a good mother you have given Pedro…given us as well. Tolerance and love abound…..

  11. Imaginative, to have picked up on the colour in the photo, and spun it into such a tale. I was wondering where the house was and that for someone to have built it there, it must have a wonderful view?

  12. Great story, very creative, funny and sadly true for some. Thanks for the photo prompt. I too used the colour in my story too, but I picked it as pink!

  13. Bjorn, Well-written story as always. I smiled when you mentioned “addicted to purple” as I knew Rochelle would enjoy that. Thanks for the great picture. I wondered where it was taken. Well done. 🙂 —Susan

  14. Your story left me with questions on several levels. Culture plays a role? Ways of parenting? Macho with his dad and the softness emerges and he opens up to his mom. Quite a long journey…I liked this Bjorn.
    Looking forward to doing something with your picture! Hope you’re enjoying your vacation.

  15. First of all..I love the photo. So many things came to mind. Your story was completely outside the box and wonderful!

  16. “Your father’s deepest grief was your lacking courage to admit it.” aww such a sweet line that. They were just waiting until he’s ready. Loved the “addicted to purple” line as well, made me laugh as i remembered Rochelle’s blog! 🙂

  17. So that’s Rochelle’s big secret, Bjorn! Fair enough. I likethe almost poetic description of his (her) feelings and the last line definitely made me smile. Thanks for another great picture; I thought it might be one of yours as soon as I saw it.

  18. One for Rochelle, I think! By the way – you really should see my daughter’s apartment – she and her husband have purple everywhere!

  19. Often hard to be what we were meant to be … sometimes it’s harder than others … a splendid story, very well written.

      • A very provocative photo …I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make the story about kids or use it as a metaphor the present state of our world’s idealogical downfalls… Loved your story.

  20. People must live according to their own colors! I know one person who absolutely loves purple. We know who! Original story, Bjorn. Thanks for the photo this week. I just knew it would bring about an assortment of stories.

  21. Wonderful story and such a fantastic last line – I really didn’t see that coming, Poor Pedro that he was unable to say and that his father never let on. I really like the emphasis that came with the repetition of ‘He hated,,,’ Not a word wasted.

  22. Dear Bjorn, Love the picture (I suspected it was yours) and the story was excellent – Rochelle’s addiction has been fed and rightly so. Great, great idea for a story! Nan 🙂

    • Thank you.. it’s so interesting when an idea come through.. all the other pictures of mine that have been used have been “pretty ones”.. but this one I had an idea with already when I saw it.. not in detail, and certainly not the last line, but the rebellion, and to be different.

  23. Great photo for this week! I immediately noticed the bright purple on the house – I love it. Also, phenomenal job with with week’s story!

  24. Has anyone else mentioned Prince? He was addicted to purple…
    I had to peer deep into the photo to see where you’d found the prompt – nicely done 🙂

  25. Great take on your photo Bjorn, loved way that as sensitive as Pedro obviously was, he did know his parents knew his ‘secret’
    Well written as always

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