Carpe Diem Haiku – Jim Kacian’s “chopping wood “

To write a haiku inspired by Jim Kacian’s haiku:

chopping wood-
someone does the same
a moment later

I respond with:

axes sing –
quenching winter’s dirge
of dying embers

or maybe an American Sentence

Persistent buzz of lawn-movers will not give my neighbor perfect lawns

From Wikimedia Commons

From Wikimedia Commons

A long time since I linked up to Carpe Diem Summer has been great 🙂

12 responses to “Carpe Diem Haiku – Jim Kacian’s “chopping wood “

  1. i used to live in a house that only had wood heat…so i chopped a lot of wood…and collected a lot of sticks…and worked out a lot of lifes trials pounding wood…ha

  2. Hooray! He’s back at CDHK!!! Missed your posts. 🙂
    Really liked the American Sentence — the people here have a bad case of “keeping up with the neighbors” — when one person starts to mow their yard everyone starts — lest their yard look somehow more unkempt than the rest. They cut it so short that it gets brown and raggedy. Ugh — let it grow a bit!
    Great haiku—

  3. “winter’s dirge” – goosebumps. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard the season laid to rest, with such . . . ceremony (brief though it is) – with axes singing, no less. What a wonderful haiku. My mind is still rolling it over.

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