Our latest collaborative poetry. This time finalized in less than 24 hours. This one will be entered at dVerse Open Link. Pub opens at 9 PM CET.

June 28, 2014

The voice of collaborative poetry


Does life flourish, heat up, bubble over and burn out
Festering faster under a sun deceptively animating?
She swooned in fear and consternation, wavering,
Seeking faith in three stubbornly blooming jasmine flowers.

Oh, that she still possessed the vapid vacancy of youth,
When hope’s fountain sprang as limitless as the ocean.
Shielding her eyes from summer’s harsh bright glare,
She scans a long-diminishing horizon.

She’s searching for a sweetness in lapping of the timeless waves
That single touch of honeysuckle in the blistered breeze
That remaining residue of grace in a pockmarked face
She seeks the melodies in silent thunderheads above.

Swirling skies darkening lit on edge by dying haloes
She contemplates and sees it as hope flying or hope fleeing
The air has texture, there’s colour in the silence
There are memories in the scent of summer’s surrendered smiles.

Oh, how his languid grin distorted those ravaging scars of…

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6 responses to “Jasmine

  1. Oh how I enjoyed the images in this collaborative poem, Bjorn. And I must say I enjoy the melodies in the silent thunderheads above….. As long as they are silent, that is a good thing. Smiles. Lovely to think about air having texture & silence having color!

  2. the single touch of honeysuckle…ha…lov ethat line..some cool alliteration/consonance scattered in there as well….nice synesthesia as well in the colour in silence….

  3. Very rich and evocative imagery in your collaborative poem, Björn! “Seeking faith in three stubbornly blooming jasmine flowers” – my favorite line. Pity that he cannot understand.

  4. Lovely poem, Bjorn. I also liked the photo of the lake with the path leading to it. It made me almost feel as though I was walking to the dock in the photo. 🙂 —Susan

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