The psittacism of petrichor – triolet

In psittacism of falling rain
this frozen solstice petrichor
of rainclouds waltzing quite deranged
in psittacism of falling rain
vacations that were well arranged
now crumble into mundane chore
In psittacism of falling rain
this frozen solstice petrichor

Midsummer soon

Midsummer soon

Today at dVerse MTB, Tony tells us to use repetitions. I took the simple way out and wrote a triolet. By coincidence #artwiculate have the WOTD called psittacism . which could happen with overuse of repetitions. I will hopefully not be present when the pub opens. But will try to catch up after the weekend.

June 19, 2014

46 responses to “The psittacism of petrichor – triolet

  1. Hopefully things will brighten up as the day goes on. Falling rain definitely can put a damper on one’s activities. And, ha, in all my years I have never heard either of those P words!

  2. I had to look psittacism up too … smiles. Petrichor I’ve come across several times.

    If our weather is any guide, then you should be getting some warm, dry days pretty soon. It was over 25C here yesterday … tropical by our usual standards 🙂

  3. Oh how fun! Being a nurse, the first thing I thought of was a disease called psittacosis that humans can contract from avian species. I wonder now about that, if its repetitive. I love words–had to look it up before reading.

  4. ya know…i avoided the psittacism word this time cause my tongue is still tangled up from trying to speak it out loud this morning.. hope the weather gets better and you can go on your journey

  5. Enjoy your time away, Bjorn. Thank you for teaching me some new words! The repetition worked very well… and I am very pleased that there is a word for the scent of rain on dry earth – mmmm, lovely!

  6. The simple way out? OMG, I am just sitting here, slack-jawed at your unusual and advanced verbiage, perfection of repetition AND a triolet, all at the same time. Great job. I am now slinking away, feeling inadequate, LOL.

  7. Actually, there would be no “p” sound with “psittacism,” but it’s a “p” word all the same! I had to look it up, as well as petrichor. Good to learn new words, thanks. Loved this form as well as the sentiment of a vacation dashed by bad weather. When I lived in Bermuda and it rain, all the tourists bitched a bit. But when it turned cold, man, watch out for anyone from the mainland! Peace, my friend. Amy

  8. Great triolet. I learned that psittacism word today – knew petrichor – but sorry I didn’t know it growing up. On the great plains you can smell the storms coming and a different smell develops in the rain and still another afterwards. There are many fragrances of warm rain on hot soil!

  9. You sent me straight to the dictionary, Bjorn – though if I’d stopped to think, I could have worked it out linguistically! I love the smell of the earth brought by rain after drought. A very clever poem for this prompt.

  10. I love what I read here. But, more importantly I love what I learn here. And the brevity of this though the loop of words repeated, is exactly right! Good one, Bjorn.

  11. I learned two new words today, thanks to you. 🙂 So, there is an exact term for the smell of rain meeting dry earth.

    I enjoyed reading your poem. 🙂

  12. The triplet is one of my favorite repetitive forms, and you’ve only added to the many reasons why I love them. Hope you didn’t get water-logged!

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