classic education – for dVerse

My Grandfather as a boy outside the vicarage where he grew up.

My Grandfather as a boy outside the vicarage where he grew up.

oldest of his seven brothers, my grandpa
(whom I never met)
his father born a farmer was a country priest
who paved the way to education
a path that all the brothers walked

my grandfather a professor
his younger brother was a bishop

in just a few generations moved
from living of the land, to dwelling deep
in classic languages (mostly greek)
or filling churches with his words

the paths to knowledge paved in latin
once –
today the road to knowledge is widespread
into science – but my ambition dwindled
into other matters…
but just maybe – back again in poetry

Today Grace wants us to write about things in our history at dVerse poetics. I looked through some old pictures and reflected what changes have happened only in a few generations.
June 10, 2014

43 responses to “classic education – for dVerse

  1. It truly is amazing how much can change in a few short generations… But at the same time, how many things can get passed on from generation to generation

  2. Bjorn, thanks for always leaving a good word at my blog. The one on Words Fail Me was short but potent!
    This poem does underscore the changes in focus of successive generations. We have, in too short a time, gone from an agrarian society to emphasis on formal education to a media circus gone mad. And yet, here you are, focused on creating beauty in the midst of the madness. And I say, well done, you. Amy

  3. I enjoyed reading about your family background, Björn. it reminded me of the open air Skansen museum in Stockholm where there is a vicarage and a tiny school. Education of some sort played a great role in many family histories. One of my granddads was a professor too. He taught biology even if he learnt the classics.

  4. I enjoyed the glimpse into your ancestry, Bjorn. From my perspective here I am impressed with ancestors of your grandfather’s generation being so academic. Bishop, professor, etc. Not the same in my ancestry. In fact, it was in my parents’ generation that my relatives first graduated from HIGH SCHOOL (and not all of them); and only in MY generation that people graduated from university.

  5. captured quite a bit of his story in that…intriguing too the connections we can draw from our relatives to our own choices as well….i was a pastor for several years myself…i am glad he found that calling on his life…i have vague recollections of my grandfathers…both passed away before i was age 10….

  6. Stories told around campfires, and family gatherings, of those relatives we never met do swirl in my viscera, but not that I am nearly 70, I can remember family born in the 1890’s, memories scanning the whole of the 20th century; pretty awesome; wish I had known my who my father was; kind of missed out on that one.

  7. Interesting to know your family history Bjorn specially with regards to occupations & educational level ~ I wonder if you are the only one who went to science field~ Nowadays, it seems you can’t get a good job if don’t have a college or university degree ~ Thanks for playing along 🙂 ~

  8. nice… i like that you found your way from science into poetry… and how cool how he paved the way into education for all his brothers – i bet they were totally thankful… cool bit of your history björn

  9. This reminds me of Ingmar Bergman’s autobiographical film. it was brilliant and I must find it again.Christianity Calvinist style was very dour.

  10. Wonderful, Björn. No one wrote poetry in my family, they loved, read and kept them on book shelf. I am from a Science lovers family, studied Science and now love words too!

  11. Oh yes, change happens so quickly. As my Mum says, all our family were ‘Ag Lab’ – the abbreviation for ‘Agricultural Labourers’ in our censuses here – until the industrial revolution – and then things changed beyond all imagining. A fascinating glimpse into your family history Bjorn, an interesting mix of science and religion!

  12. I love how these glimpses back to our past entices us to thoughts of where we could have gone or have gone on the journey our ancestors paved for us. An interesting family, Bjorn. Thanks for sharing it!

  13. Learning and discovery Bjorn goes in so many different directions, the poet is speaking a language as did you forebears. Very well done indeed, enjoyed learning of your past.

  14. I could imagine you in a similar photo…makes me wonder how much you remember from your childhood…Sweden evokes in me some yearning; from what little I know, I’d love to see it someday. Now you’ve given us a glimpse of life then and now, clues to the political and everyday lives of your family….how full of intrigue is the world!

  15. Poetry, philosphy—not really so far from each other. The thirst for knowledge and a kinship with the written word, some things do get passed on.

  16. Bjorn..i enjoyed the way you have portrayed your genealogy..from farmer to’s nice to see that one can understand the change which has happened..smiles:)

  17. Yes my grand father was the first person to come from village and build a life in a city and with his development he brought his whole family to town……….

  18. I love the imagery you use here of paths and dwellings, perfect fit for the subject.

  19. Great for your grandpa to be giving all the support to the younger siblings.It’s good that he was the catalyst of change that brought success. The transition to the family was a great shift in direction and calling .Wonderful write Bjorn!


  20. It is interesting to me that you traveled into the history of profession or occupation, (guess that’s the same thing), rather than place or some other alternate angle and then bringing it to present with where you fit in…much like a timeline. Interesting!

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