I like what’s giggle-blown – for dVerse

I’d like my words to flutter in the wind
like dandelion parachutes
giggle-blown in summer evenings

I’d like my words to fall like acorns
distinctly make impressions
in October soil

I’d like my words orderly and straight
like wheat-fields sown by experts
ripened to perfection

I’d like my words rare and beautiful
like orchid buds collected
in a jungle far away

but words can also die like seeds
left alone in burning sun
in sahara-killed potential

my words are often freemartins
of second generation GMO
dead like pebbles in the soil

Dandelions by Jean-Francois Millet

Dandelions by Jean-Francois Millet

Shanyn wants us to play with words like seeds today at dVerse poetics – I’m still travelling and will not be there when the pub opens at 3 PM EST.

June 3, 2014

37 responses to “I like what’s giggle-blown – for dVerse

  1. I do think that you succeed in making your words do what you want them to. 🙂
    I know many people think they’re pest-plants, but I actually like dandelions very much.

  2. All too often, what we intend for our words, and what actually come across are two different things, but at least we can strive to have words that have significance.

  3. Good poem, Bjorn. I just wanted to add that dandelion greens are edible and full of vitamins. Many wild plants that people think of as weeds are edible. Some were actually planted for that reason by the first settlers and have lost their meaning in the modern day. Many growing things are also medicinal. 🙂 —Susan

  4. ah mine will never be orderly and straight…but i can hope they acorn into large trees…but i love dandelions so hoping the wind catches them sending them where ever they are needed, that i think would be my greatest hope….

  5. Really enjoyed the similes you wrote in this poem, Bjorn. I like the idea of words fluttering in the wind before they find a place to land. And I loved thinking about words rare and beautiful like orchid buds…..held in hearts with love!

  6. words like dandelion parachutes… oh i like… a bit out of control – a bit invasive and breathless like words usually are… aren’t they? smiles

  7. NO! Your words are not dead, rather, they are like the puffs giggle-blown in the wind, will always find ways to live. 🙂

  8. Your words, brother, whether dark or shining, rise up from a loving heart & fecund imagination; love your little ditties.

  9. oh yes, would that all of our words end up like dandelion parachutes, giggle-blown and setting seed, what a fabulous image!

  10. And you manage to write such poetry while travelling? Kudos to you! My mind is like mush when I travel…
    ‘giggle blown’ is such a lovely expression, and I love playing with dandelions too. And no, your words are not dead like pebbles in the soil – the are always fun or thought-provoking.

  11. I love those giggle blown dandelions ~ I also like how you wish the words were to be, then in contrasting them with reality of dying like pebbles in the soil ~

  12. Words can be so many things, yes, depending on us as the deliverer, and the frame of mind of the recipient – ‘giggle-blown’ made me smile 🙂

  13. I don’t think your words would just lie down and die, even if you told them to. They are more apt to bring out other words to giggle and play.

  14. I’d like my words rare and beautiful
    like orchid buds collected
    in a jungle far away

    Reminiscent of the many orchids we have around here. Your words certainly evoked such beautiful feel. Great write Bjorn!


  15. Sprinkling words on dandelions how nice that is…I can picture them floating in the air, landing in the right place blooming for all to read. Love it!

  16. Ha! what Giggle blows..Google finds..your words aren’t dead yet..as far as google nows..and it makes me giggle to think..my essence exists somehow..by Google living..long after i die…
    but alas..there is no shame..
    in living anyway..now..
    or dead..;)

  17. This one gave me the sense of you being a lingual seed connoisseur, a little bit giggle at the outset, a tad maudlin at the end – just like I get when I go to a wine-tasting.

  18. My wife and I just finished watching the documentary “Dirt!”, which does such a great job of showing how much we’re dependent upon the Earth’s soil and what lengths we’re now going through to fast destroy it with monoculture and GMOs. For the fast buck. Loved the stately roll of poems in accord with the verdant earth–and the reminder of what can happen if we don’t stay vigilant.

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