A business idea

“There is nothing like puking with somebody to make you into old friends”
Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar

bare knees on cobblestones examining
our gutter exhibition flowing down
when dinner’s lost, we’re panicking
in new-found friendship of this town

with clammy brows we’re joined like bro’s
when lobster’s stale and oyster’s bad
that’s just how our friendship grows
and for some extra bourbon I’m so glad

I’ll start a place for poison food
and soon we all be happy friends
come eat and puke some mushroom stew
and I will drive Mercedes Benz

A second entry based on a quote for Mary’s prompt at dVerse. This time on the humorous side.
May 20, 2014

25 responses to “A business idea

  1. hahaha – now that’s a way of making friends that surely is a bit out of the norm – though it’s not bad when someone has seen you like that – nothing can shock them quickly any more then – ha

  2. not too many of those i used to puke with still around…ha…we they are but we live worlds apart…probably better for my health that way…just saying…mmm…imagining the aftertaste of mushroom stew the second time…

  3. I would much prefer to find another avenue for becoming fast friends…the shared expulsion of stomach contents is really not up my alley.

  4. Well..there is another end of the story with a friend of mine at beach bar..and something i ate..with gastric disturbance..exploding as such..no more details necessary..the wordy possible scenario…

    And my friend just laughed..smiled and said..oh sh88 with a few funny expletives added in for good measure as such…

    At that point i too..
    realized..now..that’s a real friend….
    They no longer exist for me..
    in REAL LIFE..
    But i will try in real life..
    to find one again…
    Never giving up..seeking that gold
    of friendship as such…
    treasure IT IS!

  5. Very good. Like ‘our gutter exhibition’. But if this is the way to make them, I’m happy to stick to having only a few friends.

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