A lonely girl by mountain tarn

by forest tarn the little lonely girl
in tears laments in bitter loneliness
as silver moonshine kiss her golden curls
the trees are bowing down in tenderness

with bending limbs protect her innocence
their aging canopies provides a roof
while bed of moss can give deliverance
from wilderness she then can stay aloof

in princess dreams of golden castle balls
where dukes and princes beg her for a dance
but in her sleep she’s captured – trap-door falls
as forest trolls and beasts around advance

a princess captured to become the bride
her freedom is forever after now denied

Pincess tuvstarr by a forest tarn - by John Bauer

Pincess tuvstarr by a forest tarn – by John Bauer

My apologies for moving this to the Swedish deep forest, it’s certainly black, and I think my story would play well with Grimm as well. We have our own artist painting fairy-tale paintings that I grew up with. I couldn’t help to write a little sonnet about the princess lost in the big forest.

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May 16, 2014

19 responses to “A lonely girl by mountain tarn

  1. This story STILL makes me cry, and even though you’ve bent the original a little I still love what you’ve done here. Then again, you are a master! *smile* (hon var inte vilse i skogen, hon hade ju älgen Skutt! Sen tappade den dumma ungen sin halskedja – och förvandlades med tiden till en tuvstarr… Fast det vet du ju säkert!)

  2. I love it!! No apologies necessary at all…my intentions are to be a springboard for musing magic and that you’ve definitely spun here, Bjorn! Amazing tale…thank you for joining!

  3. yikes
    Vivid details show no escape, neither in dreams nor reality. I wonder if there is any place that dark left in the Black Forest.

  4. The painting is beautiful and has an ivory, macabre sort of feeling to it because it puts me in the position where I am watching this girl, almost like stalking, waiting to leap and attack, which intensifies with reading your poem.
    After the last lines, I am left with bitter sadness for her and her freedom :/

  5. You’re poetic story was very dark and enchanting.

    You’ve captured such giant visuals for all readers to let the minds consume in everyone’s imagination. I love this poem of yours. 🙂

    P.S check out my new poem I just did. You will like this one very much.

  6. I love the tender protective trees…..hate that she was captured after all her bright dreams. So well written, Bjorn. Love the rhythm and flow of your sonnet.

  7. i love how the trees care for her and protect her… and i love fairy tales…i still believe they become true…smiles… happy saturday

  8. Bjorn! I love yours-the silver moonshine and the protective trees~
    This really does have the enchantment and fear of the fairy tale-wonderful to read. I wanted more~

  9. I love the fairy tale story Bjorn and form too specially the ending couplet ~
    How sad for the princess captured ~

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