I’m the one she still accepts – for dVerse

I’m the one she still accepts
  I’m the one that leaves a trail behind
    of my unwashed underwear,
     I’m the footsteps leading to our bed

She loves my faults, and almost never
  says a word about deficiencies
    She’s the one that leaves a void
     when she’s away on business trips

I’m the one who dreams of words
  that I can capture from within
    I’m the one who wants to aid, and
      carry her through stormy seas

to shores, through reefs to that lagoon
  where, in the early early dawn,
    I will watch her waking from her sleep
      I will kiss her gently – say how much I care

That day we’ll lay and watch the clouds
  chasing wisps of morning mist away
    together we will sip a glass of sunshine
      and feed each other buttered toast

Day of the gods by Paul Gauguin

Day of the gods by Paul Gauguin

Today Marina Sofia host the dVerse Poetics and she inspires us with Bhanu Kapil Rider ‘The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers’ and ask us to write poetry from 4 questions.

Who are you and whom do you love?
What else are you, that no one has seen before?
Describe a morning you woke without fear.
How will you know when you get there?

Just a swift and honest response, which I have tried to give

May 13, 2014

59 responses to “I’m the one she still accepts – for dVerse

  1. yes, I like your answers to the questions…the honesty of the swift response…you seem to have overcome the dark mood of the last poem…amazing what a bit of buttered toast can do for a man’s spirits.

  2. Gorgeous, Björn. The beauty of the entire poem was underscored by that amazing last line that evokes so much sensuality. I just love where you took this. :))

  3. I love the way you went with your gut feeling on this – and oh, it is so endearing! That last verse has me almost wanting to join you… except it might get rather crowded. (Just kidding!)

  4. sip a glass of sunshine…ha…its a comforting feeling knowing they love us…even to our faults….that last little bit def is an endearing and warm scene…like a painting….

  5. To know and accept a person’s faults is a wonderful gift indeed! And sipping sunshine together — who could ask for more?

  6. Ha ha1! the trail of unwashed underwear..a sign of true love..for those who wash these things..

    with no complaint..

    Well..my wife complains..

    but she still does it..

    that’s love enough for me…:)

  7. This is so beautiful, I love the open honesty and the bits of reality that are all such a part of lasting love.

  8. Bjorn, the acceptance of the first stanza seems mroe real than the love of faults in the second. Yet, the faults we know trump forever having to learn new ones, Yes! I love the sunshine and toast. Gosh. Breakfast in bed, love and no fear: Nothing can be better.

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  10. Gee, look at me; right on time for the “normal” Pub opening, & finding myself hours & dozens of poets behind; what an adventure just running with the dVerse dogs, the poet pack. One of the strengths of this piece, brother is the urgency & honesty within it; really enjoyed seeing that, and of course your courage to venture forth in free verse.

  11. Evening Blorn, realise that you’ve already commented on my latest piece, so no worries – but still found myself getting caught by Marina’s powerful theme tonight and your lovely use of it to conjure a wonderfully touching portrait of your love – which was uplifting and rang so true… Thanks Scott

  12. Spontaneity worked well here. My husband is a man of few words but in what he does and who he is, he expresses what you’ve been able to say poetically. I’m smiling.

  13. Gorgeous, heart-warming poem, Bjorn. I love the simplicity of what’s happening in those closing lines. God bless you two. 🙂

  14. It made me cry. as you reflect me and my life …… Nice to see words that happen in your life pic in the poem

  15. I really like your swift and honest response. A loving relationship can surely help to shape who we are. Your descriptions are wonderful.

  16. Acceptance of a person or a situation as is takes you into a different sphere where everything is fine. no right or wrong here…just giving ..:)

  17. Her acceptance is equaled by your caring; and I would love to find one of those lagoons (canoe or kayak) and spend a day just so with someone…such a rich response to the questions with the focus on ‘who do you love’..nice.

  18. How one wished to do more for those one loves. It’s a sacrifice that begets goodness in return. Great write Bjorn!


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