daffodils are singing – 55 words

thunderclouds caressed my brow
on leaden feet I wandered
ash-clouds plastered in my gaze
obscuring all what’s yonder

sunshine streams through canopies
garden birds are singing
daffodils – the perfumed choir
a blissful joy they’re bringing

icy winds turn warmer now
winter’s dread is dying
anticipate – come summer soon
I’ll never never more be crying

Today it’s 55 words at Toads, here is a little ballad for spring.

18 responses to “daffodils are singing – 55 words

  1. Winter is that heavy on this narrator, that the pendulum swings when daffodils finally sing. And yet I feel for him, hesitate to tell him that all good things transform again in the swirl of the year.

  2. I am looking forward to the full bloom of spring~ I specially like the second stanza, daffodils, a perfumed choir, a blissful joy they are bringing ~

  3. Beautiful in every way, of course, but I couldn’t help but smile since I posted mine just before I read this, also about this time of year. You could say I’m probably more of a pessimist than you are? Underbart vacker, Björn, som alltid!

  4. It’s been cold here again, but Spring is definitely on its way. I went out to the yard to look at my trees and bushes, and leaf-buds are budding, so blossoms can’t be far away.
    Love the second stanza of your poem, Bjorn. So lovely and hopeful.

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