bitterness of coffee – for dVerse

eyelashes tempt
in covert mirrored flirt
her pouting lips

laughter burns my manhood
to bitter dregs of coffee

latte macchiato
children play their games
confidently young

not even adding sugar
can hide this bitter age

copyright C Nelson Kellar

copyright C Nelson Kellar

Today at dVerse poetics Grace introduce us to C. Nelson Kellar. I’m currently experimenting a little writing poetry in much shorter form.

April 29, 2014

37 responses to “bitterness of coffee – for dVerse

  1. Interesting this short form…like what you’ve come up with…do you mind if I tell you macchiato is written with two c’s or did you do this on purpose like with gamees in the following line?

  2. A lovely short verse, sharply bitter aftertaste ~ I can imagine what happened with her tempting eyelashes ~ Thanks for participating Bjorn, smiles ~

  3. laughter burns your manhood…i have to say, i cringed at that…ha….
    great last stanza….that can def be a tough age, no matter how much sugar you put on it…smiles.

  4. you know… bitter coffee has its own magic… and maybe there’s a time when not much sugar is needed anymore…just saying…smiles

  5. Well, someone has to “thrive on bitterness”, brother, but not me; I doctor up my coffee with cream & honey & chocolate, letting the inner child enjoy the sweetness. Your poem of rejection, real or imagined, & paean to aging works very well; reminding us/me that everyone has feelings, self-images, fears, & regrets; not just poets.

  6. Aha – the growing old (dis)gracefully. Let’s be bitter, but enjoy it, too? My Mum and I often quote the first lines of Jenny Joseph’s poem ‘Warning’ on just this subject!

  7. No, no, no!!! Aging shouldn’t turn you bitter! Love the piece, but don’t love the concept at all! *smiles and sighs at, once again, not getting carded at Systembolaget today*

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