Cheering and belied we drive – quartina for dVerse

we’re hunting constantly on overdrive
while we ignore that it’s becoming worse
ignoring truth and hail the one who lied
the one who whispers with a vacant face

the climate change, a truth we cannot face
we prefer the ignorance and be belied
so we can burn the gasoline to drive
while for the polar-bears it now is worse

but though it will for humanity be worse
there’s always reasons for a faster drive
then one day we shall our children face
and tell them that “I knew the truth and lied

my comfort was important when I lied
and when I die it’s you who have to face
the earth’s destroyed by me, for you it’s worse
so join me on this hearse for final drive”

down the mountain-face we together drive
when cheering and belied it can’t be worse

The Perfume of the Abyss by Rene Magritte

The Perfume of the Abyss by Rene Magritte

Today at dVerse Gay has us to invent our own form. I searched for quartina, that would be interesting as an alternative to sestina. The one I found I think lacked the intricate mathematical nesting on how the ending words should be rotaded, so I went back to the mathematics of the sestina and created my own quartina rotation scheme. Hope you like the effect (and maybe someone else would like to try).
Come join us at the bar today at 3 PM EST.

April 10, 2014

rotation scheme of quartina

rotation scheme of quartina

26 responses to “Cheering and belied we drive – quartina for dVerse

  1. This is very clever, Bjôrn! I also agree with the message your quartina conveys. We prefer to be lied and then to lie to ourselves rather than renounce some comforts.

  2. whew. ha. fun. i will have to think on your form—i went very simple. lol. the message though is spot on…we would prefer to be lied to….to claim ignorance and no responsibility for our actions….as we destroy our planet….

  3. Yes, your message here is so very true. People don’t seem to be willing, unfortunately, to make the necessary changes. I do, however, wonder if it is too late already. Excellent form as well. I still have to think of something. Sigh.

  4. A genius form, brother, and for most of us it would have taken hours, or we would not have pulled it off at all; kudos to you, and your mining and altering antiquity; like Brian, I just stayed with simplicity & had some fun; too lazy to create another Cinemagenic gem.

  5. As I read your poem, I thought right away that it was written very much like a shortened form of sestina. I had been looking up forms just a week or two back and came upon the sestina (and that’s the only reason your form looked familiar to me). You wrote this one brilliantly! (I did manage to write a sestina a few days back, but I’m not sure it’s good enough to share…yet…following those end-word rules and coming up with something unique for each stanza is certainly quite a challenge).

  6. Yes, this is much more interesting as a Quartina and much less labored than a sestina (although Joy Jones, [Hedge_witch], writes fab sestinas that are delicate as cherry blossoms) but I’ve only managed one and it wasn’t quite right. I liked this very much indeed and agree our themes are well related. Kudos, Björn!

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  8. I really do like the effect of this – and the message, of course. I am a form novice, so I’ll need to let this one sink in a bit, but it is very, very cool. I doff my cap to you, Bjorn!

  9. This is so true. We seem to have created a world where lies go unquestioned – or, if they are brought to light, there is often little or no consequence for the liar (or worse: they are hailed). Good, honest people, often find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. And now, the lies have leeched into the laws of nature that govern our physical world. Ultimately, there will be consequences – indeed, there already is!

    The poetic form, I thought, lent itself well to the message.

  10. Very clever Bjorn I did so enjoy the structure and thought such a mathematical structure would drive me a little crazy but I admire your ability to construct this excellent poem.

  11. I love sestinas and forms inspired by them. I am going to have to put this form in my poetry book to try later 🙂

  12. first…I sometimes wonder why we care, but never enough it seems to really do anything about it…or maybe it’s just me. a very poignant write.

    second…I like this shorter take on the sestina. it can be a trying form to write…this seems a bit less daunting.

  13. Not easy this…it needs a scientist 🙂
    I did a sestina in coloured blocks once, to get to grips with the form, but that takes the sponteneity out of writing. Maybe it would be easier with your shorter form. I’ll give it a try when my sonnet month is at an end.

  14. PS I like the way you turn the rhymes back on each other, verse to verse.

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  16. I am one who admire the Sestina a lot but it’s something you can’t easily execute & pen down in one sitting. When I first tried it.. i counted days to finish. Your alternative variation is adorable & remains true to the Sestina feel. Great work, Bjorn! smiles.

  17. A very timely message on climate change ~ When will we ever learn but our children children will have to bear the consequences ~

    Very intricate form, kudos to you ~

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