The mighty bear – Rondeau for dVerse

The mighty bear that walk her home
a girl should never lonely roam
as little hands caress his fur
the vicious beast will gently purr
they slowly walk in twilight’s gloam

she’s talking ‘bout her dreams of Rome
her chatter fills the air like foam
and see him silently concur
the mighty bear

in smell of honeysuckle bloom
the beast will leave her to her room
he walks alone among the firs
but in her dreams will always stir
she’ll never find another groom
as mighty bear

The Bear by Michael Sowa

The Bear by Michael Sowa

Today at dVerse poetics, Marina Sofia will make her premier appearance doing poetics. We should write about animals and their symbolism, and since Björn means bear, the animal choice was easy. To me a bear should be kind and protective, maybe a father-figure.

April 1, 2014

49 responses to “The mighty bear – Rondeau for dVerse

  1. “A girl should never lonely roam” This poem speaks to the kind of vulnerability of the young. And those beasts who are waiting to prey on their youthful naivety.

  2. ha. its cool…my inital thought was of a teddy bear as well…and never finding another companion that measured up to them…
    even still can you imagine a friend such as the real mighty bear….i used to watch grizzly adams when i was a kid…

  3. Ahh..reminds me of the beauty taming the gentle beast..and bears are after all so reminiscent of humans in form..but power oh my goodness..what power they are..tossing boulder around as pebbles..for a few grub worms..and many more to fill a mighty belly of strength!

  4. What a delightful story – am so glad you managed to find the strong, protective, generous aspects of a bear – high time they got a better reputation (like White Fang did for wolves). Interesting that Northern nations have boy names like Bear (Urs) or Wolf. Do you know of the wonderful Iorek Byrnison, an outcast prince of the panserbjørne or armoured bears in the Northern Lights trilogy by Philip Pullman? He incorporates that strength and gentleness that you describe here so well.

  5. A poem with honeysuckle and a gentle bear in it is a winner in my book! Loved this……Disney has a film coming out about the first year of life of a bear cub – it looks like it will be wonderful!

  6. I thought of my dad as a bear – he was a big man, loved protecting his women-folk and was always full of hugs. So yes, I agree that a bear should be a protector, definitely a father-figure.

    Your poem was perfectly accompanied by the art work. And the rhymes weren’t intrusive – they just worked. Lovely, Mr Bear!

  7. My husband called me “bear” and my youngest grandson is called “little bear”…so I understand the reference. The bear as stately, massive, caring, stalwart and steadfast. I think this is well said referring to the animal spirit within.

  8. Lilting, gentle, epic, mythos, legend–all there in this tiny rondeau. Glad you dug my Bear poem too; when I discovered BJorn meant Bear, I couldn’t help but insert it into my work; great minds find similar furrows as they say, my bear brother.

  9. This reminds me of a dream I had just hours before one of my sons was born- I thought he was going to be this little girl. : ) Very nice, Bjorn-Bear.

  10. So sweet and love the story of the last two lines – ‘she’ll never find another groom/ as mighty bear’.

  11. An exquisite poem (and image) that tells of the relationship as I envision it also. When my husband was a kid he was on a hike in the Oregon coastal wilderness with an adult friend, a woman teacher, and they came upon a black bear. The bear was silent, standing full upright beside the trail. The teacher whispered for him to back up slowly for some yards, and then they ran. My husband said that no once did he feel the bear would ever have hurt him.
    I will share your poem with him this weekend.

  12. First love the ‘smell of honeysuckle bloom’ and for me it was also the protective fatherly image….that she’d ‘never find another groom so mighty”…in that girls look for that quality in a man as their future husband…love this!

  13. loads of comments. I also, like one other person commented, made the link to beauty and the beast. How innocence can tame, well, sometimes. There’s another fairy story of a bear, anger and a woman … well I suppose I’d better write a poem about it. 🙂

  14. this is a very sweet write. though I admit I’d be a bit scared to walk beside a bear…if it sees me home safely, I might overlook the fear.

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